It’s Skype Time with Daddy!

Hey, it’s Daddy!  That seems to be what Spud is saying when our son Skyped from Canada yesterday.  Little Spud was so happy to see his Daddy, even if it was on the “small screen.”

Sweet Pea was happy, too and wandered over numerous times to chat with her papa.  In the meantime, the newness of seeing Daddy seemed to have worn off on Spud so he was starting to entertain himself with his mama’s iPhone.

“Daddy, you wouldn’t believe all the things these women are making me do around here.  If I’m not having to pick up my Cheerios, I’m getting ‘time-outs’ for trying to play with Sis’s kitties.  It’s tough being the only man in the house.  Come home soon.”

“Hmmm, maybe I’ll just purchase a ticket online to bring him home sooner.  Now what was that password?”

“Daddy, Daddy….I think I can book you on the red-eye special.  How fast can you get to the airport?”

“But Daddy….I didn’t know there was a difference between Dubai and Denver.  I can’t spell yet.  Are they far apart?  Maybe you can catch a connecting flight on to our house?

“Don’t worry, Daddy…..we’re going to hide the iPhone and the credit cards from Spud from now on.  But we sure do miss you!

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