It’s Friday and Life Goes On

Another week has passed and I survived, praise God!  I was a little worried about this past week, knowing that my son and his family were going to be heading off on their big move overseas.  I figured it would be a tough week for those of us left behind and it hasn’t been easy but yet, life goes on, doesn’t it?  I certainly have a lot to be thankful for and the past week has not been without some highlights.  Since it’s time to reflect on some of those, let’s begin, shall we?

1.  The first highlight of the week was the news that Jason, Laura, and Mikayla had arrived safely in Singapore.  They are enjoying the gracious hospitality of friends who live there and thus are able to rest up for a few days before boarding yet another plane and making a short flight on to their final destination – Jakarta, Indonesia.  A very pleasant surprise has been the fact that we’ve been able to Skype with them on several occasions.  Thus we’ve learned that Mika’s latest accomplishment is that she has figured out how to take off her diapers – a feat that she finds quite amusing.

2.  I had a brainstorm to create an “A-B-C” book for Mika that would be completely personalized for her, featuring family members, pets, toys, and places that all will have special meaning to her.  My own childhood stuffed animals (Well, don’t call them that.  They think they’re real.) Cindy and Elizabeth, will be the featured narrators in Mika’s book.  That way, Mika’s parents can use the book while she is so far away from us all to help her remember us all while also helping her learn her alphabet.

3.  The Commander helped me put together my new rigid heddle loom last night.  Despite folks assuring me that it would be quite easy to put together, I’m sure glad that he was there to help me.  Those directions were like Greek to me.  I did all the staining, though, and I think she looks pretty sweet.  However, I tried to get the Commander to say he’d help me warp the loom but he bowed out of that job.  He said that I was going to be completely on my own for that little task.  I’m letting the instructions percolate in my brain right now and hoping that they will brew into something recognizable by the time I tackle the job.

4.  I tackled “long-draw spinning”yesterday.  I’m going to spin up three bobbins and then do a 3-ply.  I picked some fiber I had on hand that I wasn’t particularly feeling the love for and so wouldn’t be upset if I ruined it.  These colors remind me of Mardi Gras so if I come up with a usable yarn, I can make the Commander a scarf in honor of him being a LSU grad.

5.  I’m continuing the quilting on the prayer quilt shawl.   It’s really going to be a toss-up as to whether or not I get this finished before I head off to Michigan.  I HOPE I get it done so it can go to its new owner but these last few days before my trip are jam-packed with graduation open-houses and other events that we are invited to so I don’t know how much I’ll get done.

That’s it for my Friday Fave Five highlights.  If you’d like to read what others are writing about for their Fave Five’s, head on over to Living to Tell the Story.

Project 365 – June 11, 2010 (Day 15)

Went car shopping today for the Commander.  Who else is so organized that he makes up charts with features he wants?

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • I think your idea of making a personalized ABC book for Mika is a wonderful idea!

    Your prayer quilt looks so pretty!

  • Great news that your kids arrived safely in Singapore.

    When I lived far from home, my mother devised a scripture memory system for my kids and sent special rewards to accompany it. We all enjoyed doing that and the kids would recite scripture to Grandma on the phone. Those are great unifying things to do (thinking of your ABC book)

  • I love the ABC book idea — that’s great!

    Glad to hear your kids are partway to their destination, safe and sound.

    Love your new blog look!
    Happy weekend.

  • Oh your work with all those textiles is so beautiful! That purple color is gorgeous! I have knitted prayer shawls but never quilted one before.

  • ILOVE the idea of a personalized book for your granddaughter…SOOO special (I’m a special ed prek/k teacher so this is very impressive to me! 🙂 )
    Loved reading your fave fives and seeing the pretty quilt, too!
    Enjoy the weekend….

  • love, Love, LOVE the book idea!! What a sweet thing… I may have to steal, er… borrow the idea. ; )

    Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog!


  • I love the book idea! Even though The New Boy isn’t as far as Jakarta, we don’t see him often, so I’m thinking a book about Meema and Bapa would be a good thing…

    I send my blessings to your kids as they are in Jakarta…tell them Selamat Jalan! Have they learned Bahasa yet?

    Oh, that loom! I am loving it!!!

  • Glad you’ve made it through your first week….I’m struggling through our last week.

    Glad to hear Skype has keep them ‘close’ as they travel – and that they made it to Singapore safely.

    I have been planning a book of photos of the whole family for my little ones….an ABC book is a good idea. You are so creative.


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