It’s All in a PA-TX Skype Session

This weekend we had another fine Skype session with Sweet Pea, Spud, and their Mommy and Daddy.   Sweet Pea was talking up a storm, discussing the play kitchen we have here at the house and I was showing her some of the pretend food that we can play with when she’s next here on a visit.

“Skype Central” on their end was their iPad and it was set up on the brick hearth of their fireplace.  Unfortunately, little Spud has learned to climb up on the hearth and this was causing some concern (more on that later).

Sweet Pea was “accessing the situation” but it wasn’t long before she started inching closer and closer to the iPad.

“Mommy, look….that’s ME on the computer.”

“I can see my teeth and my eyes when I get closer.”

“Nana, what’s that little lion doing in your computer?”

“Hmmmm, I think I’ll take a closer look.”

PawPaw said to Laura, “Judging from that last close-up, I’m thinking you might need to find a tissue.”  He’s such a comic.

Soon Sweet Pea wandered off to play with her little doll buggy and brother Spud crawled after her like greased lightning.  Next thing we heard was their daddy shouting “NO!”  Laura moved the iPad so we could see.  Sweet Pea had dumped her dolls out of the buggy and was swinging the buggy around in a circle just missing her brother’s head.  It was like a whirling dervish version of “Whack a Mole.”
We talked some more and I heard giggling in the background.  Mommy moved the iPad again and this time, there was Sweet Pea herding Spud back over to the fireplace by pushing the buggy into his little backside as he crawled along.  He was laughing merrily.  
“Oh, boy….I can make funny faces on the iPad.”

With everyone back to the fireplace, little Spud decided to climb up on the hearth.  His sister followed suit and then started playing with the mesh curtains hanging over the fireplace opening.  Her mommy asked her to stop.  She didn’t and the countdown began.  When she got to 3, she said, “You’re going to have to go to your room for a time-out, Mika.”  and then “I’ll be back in a minute” to us.
She set the iPad down and off she hustled with a crying Sweet Pea down the hall.  As we heard her in the background talking, we heard some strange grunting and all of a sudden, some blonde hair appeared in the corner of our view of the living room ceiling.  “Oh, oh”, we thought.  “Spud has discovered the unattended iPad.”
Luckily his momma arrived just in time to save it from a perilous situation and little Spud had to be content to lunge at it in-between bites of baby food.  Right about then the buzzer sounded and Sweet Pea rejoined the conversation and all too soon it was time to wave goodbye and blow kisses.  And THAT’S the latest Skype Scoop from PA.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • just catching up……I love your Skype posts! It’s so fun to see your littles growing. They are so adorable.


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