It’s All in a Night’s Skype

Jason, Laura and Mika called us last night via Skype and I thought I’d give you a peep into how our conversation went, thanks to the wonder of the laptop’s webcam (and keep in mind that these images are coming all the way from Indonesia).

                  “OK, everyone….let’s get the family into position.  Time to talk to Nana and PawPaw.”

           “There they are.  Do you see them, Mika?  Can you wave to Nana and PawPaw?”

    Hmmm, Mika is wondering what she can get into while the adults talk to each other.

   “Here, Mika, you can play with your Mr. Lion rattle while we talk.  That should keep you busy.”

“Daddy, can you stop talking a minute and pull Mr. Lion’s tail?  I want to hear him make funny noises.”

                     “Alright, then I’LL pull his tail and maybe I’ll swing him around, too.”

                                        “Mr. Lion wants to hit the computer, Daddy.”

              “Silly old lion.  For two cents and some orange juice, I’d throw you across the room.”

“Hey, I can’t help it if I have a strong arm.  I didn’t know Mr. Lion was going to fly that far across the room.”

           “Nobody is paying attention to me.  I think I’ll make like a diva and exercise my lungs.”

                    “Well, that worked well.  They brought out the tub for me to play in.”

      “Hmmm, I wonder how long it will be before Mommy notices that I have her cellphone?”

                          “Hey, Daddy….it’s for you.  I think they’re speaking Chinese!”

                                             “Ooh, a new game.   Flying Mika!”

                                        “Hi, Nana.  Watcha doing upside down?”

                                         “Aw, Mommy, you brought me Mr. Lion again.”

                                            “Say, what happens if I press this button?”


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Hot Flashed Funk

  • precious. Do you ever get tired of thanking God for Skype? I can’t wait till my kids get internet at their home.

  • Very cute! Isn’t Skype amazing?!


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