It’s All About the Commercials

Despite the best efforts of my man, Troy, the Steelers lost the Super Bowl.  I saw that it was going badly early in the first half so I brought the netbook downstairs so that I could do a little blogging while I watched.  Some of my musings follow:

Since my Steelers are screwing up in the Super Bowl, I figure I might as well take a break from cheering them on  to do a little commercial critiquing. I think my favorite commercial so far has been the Passat commercial with the little Darth Vader.  What a cute commercial. What a great dad to play along with the fantasy.  Reminds me of my dad taking time during his lunch breaks at the factory to write notes to me from “Peter Pan” back when I was a kid.

The Budweiser commercial in the Old West bar was lame.  Come on, breaking into a song after getting a Bud?  If you’re going to write something that is unbelievable, at least make it funny.

(Whoops, had to take a break for a moment to cheer the Steelers’ touchdown just now right before the half.  Yay, Hines Ward.)

The commercial for Coke with the castle storming and dragon was also not very impressive.  I thought that the graphics were impressive but didn’t find the “hook” very memorable.  It wasn’t endearing, not funny, meh!

The commercial for the job site with the fellow trying to park and the monkeys parking him in on both sides?  Lame, again.  I didn’t find it funny.  Certainly nothing to talk about with coworkers in the break-room.

Frankly, so far, the most excited I got about a commercial was the commercial for the upcoming episode this week of “Bones” where Booth is buying an engagement ring.  Now THAT is going to generate some discussion.  Man, I hope he doesn’t propose to Hannah.

I’m not sure what “” is but the commercial looks pretty awesome on our new HD plasma TV.    Ditto on “The Daily” interactive newspaper for your digital tablet.  Loved the graphics effects. The same goes for the NFL commercial touting their apps for tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc.  Cool graphics effects. 

I’ve always loved the talking baby commercials although the one with his tailor isn’t one of the best or funniest.  It really doesn’t do much to sell me on e-trading.  The Best Buy commercial with Ozzy and Justin Bieber was dumb.   The Coca Cola commercial featuring the two border guards was delightful.  The two actors were physically  just right for the parts and I loved the story without words.  I’ll remember the product, too.

Speaking of remembering a product, what was with the Stella Artois beer commercial?  I liked the jazz and Adrian Brody was a nice choice for a smoky-voiced, smooth singer but I failed to see what was bringing the women to tears.  (Yay, my Steelers are now only down by 3 points.)

Another fumble?  Another Green Bay touchdown?  This is pathetic!  Well, I missed a bunch of commercials, too because Jason and Laura called and we Skyped.  However, our big Skype surprise (which I can’t blog about yet until we actually surprise them with it) failed to work so we could only talk to them and not actually see them.

Well, had to pause for awhile to finish watching my Steelers lose the Super Bowl.  Phooey!  But the Green Bay Packers played a better game.  Back to the commercials…..

The car that brakes for the beaver by the side of the road…now that was cute when the beaver returned the favor by crashing a tree across the road to save the driver later from the washed-out bridge.  Of course, from an ad viewpoint, I guess it was a failure because I don’t know what it was advertising.  Tires, maybe?

I liked the beetle with the racing stripes on its back that was whizzing through the landscape.  Turns out it was a commercial for the new revamped Beetle car.  Now I’m curious to see what the latest model is going to look like.

I liked the Mercedes Benz commercial with all the different model Mercedes cars heading to the showroom to be there for the unveiling of the newest line.  P. Diddy actually did some decent acting in this commercial.  Cute!

I’d say my other favorite commercial of the bunch was the one for the Chevy Camaro where the two fellows are writing a commercial in their heads as it plays out on the screen for the viewer.  Having the driver come soaring over the edge of a building and into the school parking lot, now that was a cute touch.  I’ll remember that commercial and the product.

I missed some commercials because of Skyping and running upstairs for breaks and food but hey, such is life.  All in all, I have to say that there were no commercials that just made me roar with laughter OR made my jaw drop.  It was a rather disappointing crop of ads AND a disappointing game for a Steelers’ fan.  However, as Scarlett O’Hara would say, “There’s always tomorrow.”

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • My favorite commercial was with the little boy dressed up as Darth Vador and his dad remote started the car so he thought he had super powers.

  • I remember years ago same ole same ole the talk of the town was the commercials and how spectacular they were on Super Bowl weekend. Glad to see you enjoyed them

  • I didn’t watch the game – or the commercials – but I have seen the VW commercial with Darth Vader. It was great….Loved the dad, especially.

    Sorry your team didn’t come through for you!


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