It Sold Itself

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I bought a 2013 Prius-C right before heading out on the trip to Minnesota. I stopped in Michigan to pick up my brother and for the rest of the trip out there, he drove my car. He was mightily impressed with it. In fact, he was SO impressed with it that, when we arrived in Mankato, Minnesota, he went to the Toyota dealer and darn, if he didn’t buy his OWN Prius. I think he was trying to imply in the picture above that it was MY fault but, truth be told, these little cars sell themselves.

John got the larger Prius in a lovely Seaglass Pearl color. He also lucked out by getting the top salesperson at the dealership who was super helpful and really knew her stuff. We were amazed that she handed us the keys and, without even taking his license or asking to see it, said, “Just drive it around and see how you like it.” She didn’t even ride with us. They are pretty trusting in Minnesota. It’s not like that where we live. In fact, we sort of got turned around for a bit on the way back and took a few more turns to get back to the dealership and we were joking about getting lost.

Now we had TWO Prius autos to brag about at the pumps. We are still getting between 55-62 mpg on our travels and that is so fantastic. I just can’t say enough good things about the Toyota Prius.

Here is John joking about filling it up with only three gallons of gas. I had to laugh when I saw this picture because it looks like he is not paying attention and the gas is just pouring out of his tank. That is not the case. That is actually wet spots on the pavement but it sure looks like he is letting the tank overflow.

Of course you realize that it has been driving me nuts not being able to say anything about this in my blog but I promised my brother that I would stay mum until he had told his family. You see, his wife knew nothing of this until last night, when we pulled into the driveway. To her credit, she wasn’t surprised. John and I are pretty impulsive people.

One big impact of John buying a car on this trip was that I now had to drive my own car all the way back from Minnesota to Michigan. I hadn’t really planned on that. The good news was that our Priuses could talk to each other with no problem since our phones were synched into the speaker systems and we could just tell the systems to dial each other and then we could talk to each other when we needed to navigate through tricky stretches or if we wanted to break up the monotony or if we were just plain tired.

The last day of driving was unbelievable. The traffic wasn’t too bad until we approached the Mackinaw Bridge from the Upper Peninsula side. Then it became all backed up and remained bumper-to-bumper all the way from the Mackinaw Bridge down to just south of Flint, Michigan. Ugh! It was horrible.

We finally pulled off in Flint to eat supper at a little diner that John likes. This is my half of one order of malt. Yummy!

We split the fries and then headed off for the final leg of our “Mom’s Memory Trip”, arriving back at John’s house a little after 10 p.m. We’d been driving since 8 in the morning. Today I’m just planning to do nothing but rest up, unless Toyota calls and offers me a job selling the Prius. (just kidding – but, seriously, they are GREAT cars)

  • Jason

    I’m not surprised either. I inherited about half of your impulsive genes; I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you and Uncle John to hold back! I sure struggled to. Aunt Rose ought to be nominated for sainthood! She’s got my vote.

  • booklassie

    But that makes life so exciting, Jase. Besides, we gave Aunt Rose several wee clues along the way.


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