Is This Multiple Choice?

Honestly, the more health news I hear and read, the more confused I get.  Just the other day, I was listening to a TV show discuss what type of diet is best for your problem “areas.”  If you have a big stomach, you should try to avoid carbohydrates, they said.  OK, I made up some deviled eggs and we grilled hamburgers and brats on the grill for the Fourth of July and I tried to stay away from the carbs.  But wait……

If you had a big bottom or hips, you could eat carbs but needed to lay off the excess protein.  So what if you are “blessed” with both a big stomach AND big hips?  I cut a piece of cake and enjoyed some frosting while I thought about my dilemma.

The Commander and I are both trying to take some eye supplements to help guard against any future macular degeneration.  This is at the advice of our eye doctors.  Yet I just read an article in the paper the other day that some studies show there “might” be a benefit to taking supplements for your eyes and other research shows no known benefits.

I also take Calcium supplements with Vitamin D, as recommended by my physician.  Well, now a federal panel is saying that we shouldn’t be doing that if we’re post-menopausal since there is no indication that it helps prevent cancer or fractures.  Since there is a slight increase in risk of kidney stones from taking Calcium and Vit. D, now they think the risk outweighs the possible benefit.  Huh?  Oh, but wait….the panel goes on to say that if you are over 65, apparently you are at an increased risk of falling and thus maybe the Vitamin D would help you avoid a fracture so maybe you would want to continue taking your calcium supplements after all.  I have a few more years before I reach 65.  Maybe these experts will be able to come to some sort of agreement by then.

I watched a show on Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) the other day and took note of the symptoms that indicate you might have IBS.  I have just about every symptom.  I’m also lactose-intolerant so between dairy and stress, there is usually something that has my body in an uproar.   This morning I read an article that suggested you might want to cut back on fiber if you have a problem with IBS symptoms.  Well, that’s ducky.  In the meantime, my physician has been after me for years to eat more fiber to help bring down my cholesterol AND to provide more roughage to act as a preventative against colon polyps.  My husband would be happy if I never served him another helping of lentils or other dried legumes because he’s diabetic and they cause his sugar levels to spike.  Honestly, I’d like to drown my frustrations in rum cake.

I’ve added several teaspoons of sunflower seeds before meals and a dose of Pyruvate to try to keep the fat intake in my diet from attaching to the organs in my stomach area.  Who knows if it will work?  I tried Ezekiel bread spread with some quacamole dip for breakfast (also recommended).  The bread wasn’t bad but the guacamole was SO garlicky that I could have taken on a den of vampires at 8 a.m. with only a sneeze.  Oy!

At least there was one bit of good news in the paper the other day.  Scientists think they are close to coming up with a system of tests that will use our saliva instead of our blood for patient health tests.  I’ll spit to that!  I’d much rather get swabbed than stuck with a needle.

With all the conflicting information out there in the medical world right now, I guess we have several choices. We can:
a.  Pick the course of action that we like the best.
b.  Continue with what we are currently doing or taking.
c.  Consult our health care professionals for advice.
d.  None of the above.

Depending on my mood on any given day, I’ve tried all four choices.  Prost!

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • It’s crazy isn’t it?
    You forgot to mention the debate about whether or not cholesterol actually causes heart disease.

    For me, I tend to disbelieve the ‘mainstream’ mantra.

    Maybe it’s the rebel in me.

    At our house, we avoid sugar and anything that synthesizes to sugar. We try to keep to eating food as close to its original state as possible.

    After that, we trust God to keep us as healthy as possible.

    Sure can’t trust the ‘experts’ since they A) don’t agree with each other…. and B) won’t agree with themselves either, given a year or so to change their minds.


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