Imagination is a Wonderful Thing

It’s our last day with the little ones before heading home.  Hard to believe in some ways that it has been three weeks. In other ways, I’m very aware that it has been three weeks.  Ha!  Little Sweet Pea popped into our bedroom this morning and we watched a “Thomas the Train Engine” video on my Kindle Fire together courtesy of Netflix.  Ah, technology…it’s a wonderful thing.

I guess watching the Thomas video inspired her to pull out her various train engines and set up her OWN “Isle of Sodor.”  Mommy helped by finding a play rug with tracks and villages and other landmarks.

The trains were busily moving from one end of the play-mat to the other as our little engineer talked to herself happily.  I caught strains of “chugga chugga”  and “clickety-clack” and she was very happily directing all of the different engines until…..

Godzilla, in the form of little Spud, tramped right through the middle of the island, scattering engines and waving a school bus ominously in his hand.

That didn’t go over real well with big sister so we stepped in to negotiate a detente which held for just a few minutes before it was time to remove and distract Spud.

First he got distracted by his daddy and PawPaw in discussion in the office.  He had his little face plastered up against the glass and would occasionally bang on the panes, hoping to be let into the inner sanctum.

Then he got distracted by lunch, which contrary to this picture, was NOT his toes but he had fun pretending to eat his feet anyway.

Spud was in a much better mood after filling up on lunch and then he was ready for a new adventure which was soon taking shape.

Mommy pulled out some brown paper and some painter’s tape and taped the paper on the floor.  Then out came the crayons and Sweet Pea and Mommy started drawing houses, dog houses, roads, tracks, and all sorts of extra places for the trains to visit.  What a lot of fun to have a customized play map for the cars and trains!

And now we’re getting ready for supper.  Jason is out grilling salmon, Laura is fixing vegetables with two suddenly cranky kids (I used to call this the “witching hour” with MY kids – when the children would reach a very ornery meltdown point).  Time to sign off and make myself useful.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • It must be wonderful to have grandchildren to love and hug!

  • The beauty of childhood is how totally free children are to just “be.” I miss that.


  • Great photos of these precious ones!


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