I Was Smokin’ Hot!

I knew before I arrived that appliances would be operating on a different voltage and so I came with plug adaptors and converters.  What I didn’t realize was that my curling iron was not a dual-voltage iron.  Drat!
The first time I plugged it in (using my plug adaptor), it got to smelling pretty hot.  That was my first clue.  I decided that maybe I’d better unplug it and just curl my hair quickly while the iron was still hot.  It worked – sort of.

The next time I used it was after I arrived in Bandung.  I had showered and dried my hair, noting with satisfaction that my hair dryer worked as it should, thank you very much after I had changed the voltage switch.  Then it came time to use the curling iron.  I plugged it in, let it warm up for a few minutes and started curling my hair.  Hmmm, as I’d wrap a section of hair around the iron, I noticed that my hair seemed to be smoking.  I was kind of hoping that was steam and that maybe my hair was still a little damp but nevertheless, I figured out that I’d better get the job done quickly and I did just that.

Yesterday I had a triumph of sorts.  I finally found some hair spray in a local store.  Yay!  With all the humidity here, even curling my hair wasn’t doing much good without spray.  Maybe I now had a fighting chance at looking semi-presentable.  That was the good news.  Then this morning I plugged in the curling iron yet again and quickly curled my hair.  It looked good.  Oh, sure….I was smoking again but only a bit and besides, what female doesn’t want to be “smokin’ hot” at some point in her life? 

With curls in place, I sprayed them but good and stood back to admire my “do” in the mirror.  It was then that I happened to glance at my curling iron, which sat cooling on the table.  Hmm, it seemed to be sitting at an odd angle.  I didn’t remember it ever being angled like that before.  I picked it up and examined it more closely.  Yikes!  The darn thing had gotten so hot that the iron part had melted part of the plastic handle.  So much for THAT curling iron.  I had gone from “smokin’ hot” to having a “meltdown” in the space of a few minutes 

Luckily, Jason, little Mika and I were able to head out this afternoon to do some shopping and I found a new curling iron.  It wasn’t cheap but it should work just fine.  How we got to the stores is a story in itself but that will have to wait until my next post.  Until then, bye-bye from Bandung!

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Hi Dee,
    I was reading about your great trip when I saw you have two of my books on your Kindle. A reader from Hawaii emailed me a picture of her reading one of my books on Waikiki beach. I just wish I got around as much as my books! If you want a free copy of the new one, send my your snail mail address, and I’ll send it to you.

    Mike Orenduff

  • What we don’t do for the sake of lookin’ hot!


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