I Have a Bone to Pick

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Are you enjoying the beautiful azaleas in bloom right now?  There are some absolutely gorgeous bushes in our neighborhood.  There are shocking red bushes with flowers the color of Jean Harlow’s lips that seem to say “Kiss me, you fool!”  Then there are the ethereal pink azaleas that remind me of Ginger Rogers swirling in layers of pink chiffon, circling the dance floor in the arms of Fred Astaire.   There are blood red flowers so thick on bushes that you expect the Red Cross to pull up with the Blood Bank bus or Count Dracula to show up, whoever gets there first.

And then there’s our yard –with the white azalea-flowered bushes.  Do you know what white azaleas say to me?  They say “Hey, I ran out of imagination halfway through the plantings in this subdivision so I think I’ll just plop these boring, white azalea bushes here and be done with it.”  Honestly, with all the wonderful vibrant colors available, why in the world would someone pick white for an azalea planting?  To add insult to injury, when the azalea blossoms start to die off, the white ones turn a dirty yellowish brown color.  Ugh!  I’d like to find that landscaper and give him a good shake while shouting, “Give me color or give me nothing!”  Thank goodness that our azalea bushes are at the back of the house and not in front, trying to compete with their showier cousins because if they were out front, I seriously think I’d consider spray painting them.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • LOL. Be glad you have flowering bushes! We don’t even have leaves yet. I have to agree, though, that the bright colors are much prettier.

    I can see you out there at night, spray painting your flowers so they look as good as the neighbor’s. What color would you choose?


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