How Can You Keep Them Down On That Keyboard?

It's Just So Easy!

It’s Just So Easy!

How do you keep them down on that keyboard after they’ve touched the screen?  It’s harder than you might think.  I’ve been enjoying playing with my Surface RT and my Google Chromebook this week.  They are both super portable and easy to use.  One of course is a Microsoft product and the other features Google’s web-based services centered around Google Drive.  I’ve used Word for years for my word processing so that played into my decision to get a Surface RT.  Plus it is just so darn cool with that magnetic keyboard.  What can I say?  Girls and their toys!  I also am a dedicated Google fan.  I use Gmail for my email and Chrome for my browsing.  I’m taking more and more advantage of Google Drive to store files in the Cloud.  (Of course, I’m doing the same thing with Microsoft’s SkyDrive. )  Since I’m already so familiar with Google, it’s been very easy to switch to using the Chromebook almost exclusively during the day, negating the need to hop on my HP laptop which is fading fast.

Nothing's Happening!

Nothing’s Happening!

In my opinion, the one area where the Surface RT has the distinct advantage over the Google Chromebook is the fact that it has a touchscreen.  When I am using my Chromebook, I find myself constantly touching the screen and wondering why it isn’t responding.

Selecting and Organizing is a cinch

Selecting and Organizing is a cinch

Selecting or moving an item on my Surface laptop is so simple.  For example, in the picture above, I’m up in my SkyDrive photos folder and I am rearranging how I want my pictures to show up.  I just touch and drag them into their new location.  Easy!



On my Chromebook, I can touch those pictures all I want to and they aren’t going to do anything.  I have to move down to the touchpad and select what I want there and then work my magic via right-clicking or drag-and-drop.  If you aren’t used to a touchscreen, it’s no big deal.  If, however, you’ve gotten spoiled by things like iPads or smartphones with touchscreens, you’ll find yourself doing just what I’ve been doing for several days now…..reaching out and jabbing at the screen and wondering why the heck nothing is happening.

I can get a Chromebook that has touchscreen capabilities but do I really want to shell out $1300 to get it?  No, thanks.  I’ll just enjoy my $249 Chromebook and consider it an exercise in keeping my brain young and save my shekels for that new MacBook that will be coming out any day now.








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