Househunting From a Baby’s Viewpoint

                          Really, Nana and PawPaw….you have NO idea what it’s been like!

Househunting can take a toll on a family, especially in today’s market where it is a buyer’s market and often buyers are competing with each other for a house they like.  Our son and his family have been going through quite the ordeal in trying to find the right house.  We Skyped about it last night and little Luke, who is a big 7-month-old now, had some thoughts on the subject.

Oh, my….we have had SOME adventures looking for a home for our family.

Button it, Mom, it’s my turn to talk here.  They want to know MY perspective on our house hunt.

I just can not believe all the places we’ve had to go see.

Holy Cow….some of these places I wouldn’t put my rattle down in.  But other houses that I’ve really liked have had other people snap them right up from under us.

I’ve thought….”Man, are you pulling my leg?  We’ve lost another one to another buyer?” and yup, back we go, having to look at more houses.”

Come ON, guys!  Gag me with a spoon, for cryin’ out loud!

Who knew that this house-buying stuff would be such a knuckle-biting experience?

When I hear some of the offers those other people have made, I want to say to them, “Yeah, yeah…just talk to the hand, man.”

Mommy and Daddy are getting frustrated and I’m pulling my hair out here.

It’s been absolutely disgusting, I tell ya, just disgusting!

Oh, you thought this LAST house was going to be the one, did you?  Well, think again.

Go ahead, Mommy, tell them the latest development…..not that I’m complaining, mind you.

I KNOW, Nana and PawPaw…it’s unbelievable, isn’t it?  We could end up so close to Gammy and Grandpa.

Hey, wait a minute.  Who invited Grandpa in here?  This is MY story.  Everybody wants to add their two cents!

Whoa….who knew having a conversation was such hard work?  Of course, when you only know one word… takes a lot of effort to get your point across.

So anyway….we were back looking at houses ……What?  What did you say?  Oh, you think YOU can do better finding us a house, do you?  Well, then why don’t you two come down here and help us?

Pssst, it’s ok, Mommy…..I got this!  I know what I’m doing here!

See, I KNEW if I tricked them, maybe they’d fly down here and visit us.

Yeah….THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about.  We need Nana and PawPaw to fly down here and be “closers” and get the job done.

Besides, with a smile like this, do you REALLY need an excuse to come down to see me?

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Cute post Mom. You’re so sneaky with those pictures you take whenever we Skype. I never notice you doing them.

  • Hope Jason and Laura find just the right home very soon!


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