Hooray for Care Packages

There was great rejoicing today in Bandung!  When Jason went over to the language school to renew their visas for the next term of study, he called to tell Laura that the care package from her parents had arrived at the school.  Oh, boy!  Laura has been eagerly awaiting that package.  For one thing, she knew it was going to have Valentina, her favorite Mexican hot sauce.  It was also going to have a box of Cheerios which she was hoping that Mika would like, since it has been hard to find things that the baby enjoys eating.

When Jason walked in the door with the box, we all let out a cheer…well, everyone except the baby who was busy flinging raisins on the floor and knocking over blocks.  Before you could say “Hallelujah”, Laura had the package open and was going through the contents.  She was delighted with everything.

Mika had been half-heartedly eating some popcorn and raisins so Laura opened up the box of Cheerios and set a few out on the coffee table for her to sample.  It was the moment of truth.  Would she like them or would they be one more thing to add to her list of “dislikes”?

By golly, she picked up one and ate it.  Then another one went into her mouth.  Before long, she was pointing at her mother and indicating that she wanted some more.  Hooray!

While Mika was busy eating Cheerios, Laura fixed herself a bowl of chips doused in Valentina.  She looked so happy as she sat there eating them while reading a book on her iTouch.  Valentina does nothing for me although the smell of it DOES clear my sinuses so while I was breathing freely, I took the opportunity to take pictures of Mika eating.  I have an idea for my next little children’s book and I’ll be using Mika in the illustrations.

If you have any kids living far from home, whether full-grown, in college, missionaries, or otherwise, you might want to consider going out today to do a little shopping for some small treats to put into a package for them.  I have seen firsthand what joy a package from home can bring.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Oh these are great photos of Mika! Glad she approves of the Cheerios! Someone will have to send another box right away, I guess.

    It is surprising what ‘everyday’ items are not available overseas – and how much they are missed by those who live away. I know Kathryn never craves Root Beer so much as when she is in Zambia.


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