Can You Hear it Ringing?



I’ve had a mystery surrounding my iPhone for some time now.  I’ve kept missing phone calls.  I just haven’t heard my phone ringing.  Now I know that I’ve been a little deaf these past few weeks but this has been going on long before my temporary bout with deafness.  Also, lest you think I have a soft ringtone or have the volume turned way down, let me assure you that this isn’t the case.  My volume is turned UP and my ringtone is a bagpipes tune.  They aren’t exactly quiet instruments.

iPhone Bottom


Well, I think I’ve figured out what is going on.  The other day I was playing a game on my phone and was holding it with my fingers covering the bottom of the phone.  This game has sound effects.  When I made a certain play where subsequent sound effects happen, I didn’t hear anything.  Hmmmmm!  Then it dawned on me.  Could my fingers be covering up the speakers?  I played some more and this time, I held my phone by the sides.  Sure enough, when I made my next big play, the sound effects came through loud and clear.

I further tested my theory by going to settings and ringtones and “previewing” the different ringtones on my phone.  When I had a finger over the bottom of the phone, I couldn’t hear the ringtones.  When I changed my grip, the tones were easily heard.

iPhone Speakers


This explains a lot about why I mainly am missing calls when they happen as I’m out and about.  You see, when I slip my phone into my purse, I put it in a small front pocket.  I slip it in “bottom first” so that the bottom of the phone is flush against the bottom of the pocket.  Obviously, the sound has been completely muffled.  To test this theory, I reversed the direction and slipped my phone into the pocket “top first.”  When Toto’s groomer called me in a crowded grocery store, I heard the bagpipes on the very first ring.  No problem!

I just love it when I figure out a mystery.  I was beginning to wonder if my “normal” hearing was a lot worse than I had suspected.  It’s nice to know that this isn’t the case and that the solution is an easy one.  If you’ve been missing calls on your iPhone, Ladies, this might be the reason.  Check how you are putting it in your purse.


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