Heading to Wisconsin

We started this morning with a nice perk. In downtown Mackinaw City, there was a parking spot right by the restaurant we planned to eat at. It was reserved for compact cars. If ever one qualified for that spot, it was us.

After a fine breakfast buffet, we headed out and over the mighty Mackinaw Bridge. The weather was truly cooperating today with lovely blue skies and cool temps. The breeze was blowing and it truly could not have been more beautiful in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

My brother is getting the Prius bug. He had to drive slower today because of the posted speed limit and discovered the joys of getting really good mileage. We stopped once to fill up (4 gallons) and a fellow on a big Harley motorcycle stopped at the pump next to us.

“How many miles per gallon do you get with your cycle?” John asked him.

“Almost 33 mpg,” he said proudly.

“We’re getting over 60 mpg,” my brother bragged.

“Wow,” the guy said. “Well, I can do a little better when I’m not so loaded down,” he said.

“That’s pretty good when you’re getting better gas mileage than a motorcycle,” my brother told me. Uh-huh!



We arrived at Marinette, Wisconsin and made our first stop at Mickey-Lu’s BBQ. It’s a landmark and we always stop there for the best hamburgers in town.

The place was packed. We squeezed into a small booth (I don’t think the décor has changed since the 50’s) and soon we were enjoying hamburgers surely thought up in Heaven.

The owner (and cook) left the grill for a minute to stick his head around the corner and yell, “Hi, John!”. I haven’t been there in 10 years and it’s been 4 years for my brother but the owner still remembers John. John wrote up and posted a great review with video of Mickey-Lu’s years ago and it really helped promote the place.

“We’ll be back tonight,” we said as we headed out the door.

Next stop was the town cemetery. We found my dad’s grave easily but discovered that the family graves had no flowers growing and the spot for the flowers were just covered in weeds.

John and I weeded all of the graves and then decided to head over to the local home and garden store and find some flowers to plant beside the graves.

We did the graves of our dad, his sister, and his parents and also the graves of his other sister and her husband. They all look so nice now.

Isn’t this just a lovely small-town cemetery? There is a town park next to it where we camped when we were kids and just down the street is the house where my aunt and uncle lived. We always spent time with Aunt Gertie and Uncle Lester when we’d come to Marinette each year.

Aunt Gertie is long gone now but we went past the old house and took a picture anyway so that we could email it to our cousin. Then it was time to head over to the motel and check in. Now John is across the street listening to a live band playing in the park beside the river and I’m finishing up the blog before it is time to head over to Mickey-Lu’s again. Lots of memories today. As we left the cemetery, I picked a clover and placed it on Dad’s tombstone and whispered goodbye. John bent over and touched his grave to say a silent farewell. Gosh, I still miss my dad something fierce.

  • Kristine Martin

    I feel like you are talking to me when I read your terrific blog!!


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