Happy Valentine’s Day

It didn’t start out as a very promising Valentine’s Day.  I was supposed to go to my diet group tonight and the Commander was disappointed that I wasn’t going to be home to celebrate with him.  I was disappointed, too but figured I probably shouldn’t NOT go, since I just had started back up with the group last week.

Then my one dieting buddy called to say that she wasn’t going and she passed on the info that our other diet buddy was also staying home to be with her husband.  Well, that was enough for me.  With none of my friends going, why go by myself, leaving the Commander by his lonesome?

Yes, things started looking up for the evening right away.  I jumped in the car and headed off to the grocery story to pick up some ingredients for supper.  The Commander was going to just have leftovers tonight but now I’d fix him a nice meal.

I set the table with flowers, cloth napkins (pretty high-class, eh?), and a little candle for some candlelight.

The menu was Almondine Flounder, Parmesan Smashed Potatoes, Rolls, and there were supposed to be some veggies but I forgot to make the veggies.  It was probably a sub-conscious decision to forget those.  What can I say?

He was surprised to see me when he got home from work.  I was beginning to get a little worried that he might have stopped off somewhere for a bite to eat when it was almost 6 and he wasn’t home but he had just worked late, thinking that I was on my way to the meeting.  Luckily, he came home hungry.

I wasn’t so much hungry as I was eager to have him open his Valentine’s Day present.  It’s only something that he has been wanting for a long time.

I finally found just the right frame so that I could frame his “three Laura’s” – his mother, our daughter, and our daughter-in-law.  He promised me that it is going to go in a special spot.

All that’s left to do now is snuggle down in the recliners and enjoy the rest of the evening.  And how was your Valentine’s Day?

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Awww…..what a romantic (veggieless) meal for your Commander. A much better way to spend Valentine’s day than at a diet group!!!

    Love the vintage valentines!

    The photos in a frame are perfect.

    As to how was my valentine’s day? What can I say? Husbandless.

    Booked our flights to Zambia in April (that was an ordeal) (Airmiles)…..chatted with my daughter on skype…..after chatting with my husband on skype earlier in the evening….started the day with a visit with my SIL.

    Nothing romantic there – but our anniversary is only 2 days before the 14th and as you know, my valentine was home for that day so I’m satisfied.


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