Happy Birthday via Skype

Mika's BD 5


Yesterday was little Sweet Pea’s third birthday. What fun to be able to be there via the magic of Skype.  Our son called us just in time for us to join the rest of the family singing “Happy Birthday” (with us on a 2-3 second delay) and to watch her cake being brought out.  She was thrilled.

Ugh Frosting


I thought back to two years ago when I’d flown to Indonesia to visit with Jason, Laura, and little Mika and was there when she celebrated her first birthday.  Her first introduction to birthday cake was not exactly a rousing success.  She took some tastes of the cake and frosting and then skedaddled out of the room as fast as she could scoot.

2nd BD 12


The following year, she was up here and we were able to celebrate her 2nd birthday with her in person.  Boy, did she enjoy her birthday cake then.  She had discovered the “power” of sugar.  Yummy!

Mika's BD 7


Yesterday, Mommy helped hold her up so she could blow out her candles.  She had lots of sprinkles on her cake.  Apparently, she is quite taken with sprinkles after having enjoyed them on her brother’s cake this summer.  Her cake was also decorated with some little kitties.  Mika has become quite in love with cats these days, so it was a great choice for her cake.

Mika's BD 9


And the frosting?  Well, while Mommy was busy pointing out different features of the cake, little Sweet Pea was busy licking off frosting from kitty feet.  That’s our girl!

Mika's BD 12


Looks like her brother is learning to get into the spirit of the moment, too.  After his cake was served, he didn’t wait for utensils.  Instead, he dived right in, face first.

Mika's BD 13


Judging by her delighted smile, I’d say the cake was a BIG success.  We left the family to their desserts temporarily with the caveat that they’d call us back on Skype when it was time to open presents.

Mika's BD 19


Ring, ring…..it was time to Skype again and open presents.  The photo quality of these aren’t good but I think you’ll get the sense of the excitement of the moment.  As big Sis opened her presents, little brother started to get his nose out of joint but Mommy had anticipated this and out came a special present to keep his attention.

Mika's BD 28


At one point, she was sent on a “treasure hunt” to find one of her presents.  She discovered the big box (almost as big as she is) and hefted that box up and carried it over to the group.  We remarked to each other, “That’s pure adrenalin.”  It was also a great gift…..a toy hospital with little patients and beds which is just perfect since her mommy works in a hospital.

Mika's BD 30


Little Luke had to get in the act to help her open this present.  If you look closely, you’ll notice that Luke has one pant leg pulled up while the other one is down.  We laughed about it and our son mentioned that, for some reason, Luke does this to all of his pants.  Isn’t that funny?

Mika's BD 34


This last picture is terribly blurred but it just beautifully captures little Sweet Pea’s joy at getting this special gift.  Her brother has a special blanket that is a blue dog attached to a cuddle blanket.  He loves it dearly and carries it everywhere with him.  Well, now his sister has a similar cuddle blanket only hers has a kitty attached to it.  When she opened up this present, her immediate response was to hug it to her.  Aw!

Happy birthday, Sweet Pea!  And thank you, Skype, for making it possible for us to be a part of this happy time.


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