Happy Birthday, Baby Brother!

Hmm, I have a feeling you’re going to be BIG trouble!

I can SO remember the day my brother was brought home from the hospital as a newborn.  I had been carted off to my best friend’s house while my mother was in labor so I was returning from exile when he arrived.  He was wrinkled and red-faced and off-limits.  He was off-limits because he had a broken collarbone and I wasn’t allowed to hold him until he healed.  So not only was he an intruder in my house and usurping my position as the only child, but he was also not even something that I could play with.  Gee!  No wonder I didn’t hold out much hope for our future together.

That’s my boy!

John healed from his birth injuries and I was gradually allowed to interact with him.  I STILL wasn’t that impressed but we were at least co-existing.

I’m a cute toddler and you’re not!

Wouldn’t you know?  John grew out of his wrinkles and started looking like a cute little kid.  He was also into everything, especially my stuff.  I was not amused.

Wow, do I ever wish I had this stuff now to sell on Ebay!

As he got older, he continued to plague me by following me around and playing with my toys.  Thank goodness he started pulling in birthday hauls like this.  Cute fedora, John!

When I grow up, I want a car just like this one.

Life has a way of evening things out and just as I was entering my buck-toothed phase, John entered the 4-eyes phase.  Cute glasses, bro!

My sister isn’t the only musician in the family.

By the time I was in high school and playing French horn in our band, John had taken up the trumpet in the elementary school band.  We still weren’t associating much but we had an uneasy truce.  As long as he stayed out of my room, I wouldn’t kill him.  Dig those lumberjack socks, Bro!

Jerry Seinfeld called.  He wants his shirt back.

By the time John was in high school and doing things like going to prom, I was off to college and blossoming into my own.  Suddenly, my baby brother didn’t seem so bad.  There might be hope for him yet.

Aw, my baby brother is engaged.

I graduated from college, joined the Army, finished my enlistment, joined the Navy, got engaged, and married my Navy sweetheart.  Lo and behold, my baby brother had also gotten engaged and shortly after we returned to the States, I was able to be in his wedding.  I was actually pretty proud to have him as a brother by that point.

Standing up as my nephew’s godmother.

By the time John’s first son was born, I was the mother of two little ones.  It was pretty neat getting together and seeing our families growing.

Proud parents of two beautiful boys.

I love being an aunt although I’m still amazed at how fast those little fellows have grown up.  Thank goodness that John and I have maintained our glacial pace of aging.

You want eggs with that whine?

I’ve been so proud of my baby brother as I’ve watched him continuing to mature over the years.

That’s my boy!

He’s taken an active role in the lives of his sons and we’ve both made a conscious effort to keep our families connected.  It’s a valuable legacy for all of us.

Today, your living room.  Tomorrow, we’ll be booked in Las Vegas!

But the best thing about my baby brother is that we’ve had a lot of fun over these past years.  He’s vastly improved from that wrinkly kid that my folks brought home MANY years ago.  Happy birthday, John!  I love you!

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