Great Sibling Tour ’17 Day Six

Welcome to Wall Drug

Recap:  We are two siblings who go on yearly road trips together.  My brother lives in Michigan and I call Texas home.  Our trips usually center around the Upper Midwest where we can relive the glory days of our childhood and visit our relatives (at least those who don’t bar the door when they see us coming.  Just kidding!)    Sometimes we pick a theme for our travels.  Last year we tried to see a lot of roadside attractions.  This year, we added geocaching to the mix.

Day Six:  It’s Day Six and we started our day by leaving Rapid City, South Dakota behind and heading off for Wall, South Dakota.

Yippee Ki Yi Yay!

Wall Drugstore is in the center of Wall, SD and it is such a fun place.  We went there often in the summers as kids.  One of my earliest  Wall memories is of my dad lifting me up into a stagecoach in their courtyard where he told me to wave as he took my picture.  I was around 18 months old.

Riding the Bunny

There were still all sorts of animals around that you could crawl up on and take pictures with although I swear the bunny I remember had fur on him years ago.

We wandered around and generally made fools of ourselves but had a blast.  At one point we looked at each other and said, “THIS is why they shouldn’t let senior adults loose in Wall Drugstore!”

Minuteman II Launch Silo

Next we headed off for the Badlands but were diverted by a small sign pointing out into the plains for a Minuteman II Launch Site.  We drove down a dusty dirt road and suddenly there was a tiny fenced area and we were at the launch silo.  There was a very nice, knowledgeable park ranger there who gave us a thorough briefing of the old Minuteman II missiles  It was scary and fascinating at the same time.  Here is an interesting video that shows the launching of a similar missile.  Yikes!

From there, we drove into the Badlands and made the loop through the national park.  Temperatures were in the 90’s by this point and it was easy to think how intimidating it would have seemed to any pioneers who found themselves wandering through these badlands in the early days.  It’s grim enough in an air-conditioned car.

When we left the park, we encountered THIS prairie dog.  However, we’d been warned by rangers that prairie dogs carry the plague so we didn’t try to get too cozy with him.

Next stop was the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD.  This is redecorated on a regular basis, using actual corn and grasses.  They pick a theme and decorate around that theme.

This year’s theme was “rock and roll.”

We left the Corn Palace and went off in search of two geocaches in Mitchell, which we DID find.  One was an easy find and one was a very clever hiding place.

Now we are relaxing and getting ready to head into Minnesota tomorrow where we will be visiting with relatives and also visiting the family graves.  Until then…


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