Great Sibling Tour ’17 Day Seven

Recap:  We are two siblings who go on yearly road trips together.  My brother lives in Michigan and I call Texas home.  Our trips usually center around the Upper Midwest where we can relive the glory days of our childhood and visit our relatives (at least those who don’t bar the door when they see us coming.  Just kidding!)    Sometimes we pick a theme for our travels.  Last year we tried to see a lot of roadside attractions.  This year, we added geocaching to the mix.

Sneaky Geocache

Day Seven:  We headed off today and pointed the car towards God’s Country, also known as Minnesota.  As we crossed the state line, I serenaded my brother with the Minnesota State Song.  It was a yet another beautiful day.

We managed to find three geocaches today, including one of the sneakiest ones we’ve encountered to date.  This one was actually inside a fake light bulb.  Wild!

Visiting Mom

We visited our mother’s gravesite out in Nobles County.  Our grandparents are also buried there in this tiny rural cemetery sandwiched between farmland.  We can stand at the back of the cemetery and look out over the fields to our grandparents’ farm.  It was a bittersweet morning, reflecting on how many folks we’ve known in that area who are no longer with us and also looking around and seeing how much things have changed.

The Old Homestead

As much as it pains me to admit it, one thing that has changed for the better is our old farm.  The current owners have taken down all of the old buildings, including the barn and farmhouse, and built new buildings.  The only original building left standing that we could see was the old grain bin.  The farm is looking good, though.

Cousin Doris

We stopped in Heron Lake to visit our cousin, Doris and this time we remembered to take pictures.

Hystad Cabin

Then we headed off towards Lamberton to see more cousins.  On the way, we stumbled across this little settler’s cabin in Storden, MN.

It was a lovely little stop to walk around and take pictures of early cabin life on the prairie in these parts.

Aunt Maxine

We got to visit with our Aunt Maxine in Lamberton.  She doesn’t talk much but today she was alert and smiling.  She even laughed some and said a few words now and then.  We love her so much.  She was like a sister to my mom and beloved by us from the time we first met her as little ones.

We visited with our cousins in Lamberton and then corralled several to head off for a treat at the local Dairy Queen.  Thanks, Anita, for the nice supper.  Yummy!

Then it was time to head to our motel for the night.  All in all, today was a much easier day physically but emotionally, it was still tough to see so much change in the area and to have to say “goodbye” yet again to our mom.

Tomorrow, we are off to Mankato.  Stay tuned.



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