Great Sibling Tour ’17 Day Four

Boot Fence

Today we drove…and drove…and drove across Nebraska and then up into South Dakota.  It was interesting to see how quickly the topography changed as we drove.  At one point, we saw this fence out in the middle of nowhere with old boots on top of each post.

We also had some interesting “traveling companions” on the road.  First, after leaving the interstate and heading up on a small state road, we got stuck between two oversize loads with their chase cars.  When they finally turned off the highway, within a mile we found ourselves in the midst of about 20 old Model A’s, T’s, and one or two from the 30’s.

Courthouse and Jail Rock

One of the most spectacular sights we passed was the Courthouse and Jail Rock near Bridgeport, Nebraska.  It was an awesome sight although we couldn’t get very close to it.

But then, isn’t that what a selfie stick is for?


Driving near Alliance, Nebraska we came across a strange sight.  If you didn’t know better, you’d think you were looking at Stonehenge.

It’s cars!

Upon closer inspection, you realize you are looking at cars, lots of them, painted a gunmetal gray and arranged in this formation.

This series of automotive formations (and some other assorted animals) was the brainchild of a man named Jim Reinders.  Did we get a mystical vibe while there?  No, but I DID get hot.  Thank goodness for the Nebraskan breeze blowing across the plains.

We got back on the road and continued our trip out of Nebraska and on into South Dakota.  The topography was changing again, revealing the rolling hills covered in fir trees that we remembered from our youth.  What we DIDN’T remember was the Rapid City of 2017 which seemed more like Las Vegas or Mackinaw City.  There were so many tourists driving around and lots of motels and touristy attractions.  Ugh!  Take me back, country roads.

Tomorrow we are spending more time in the area to go to Mount Rushmore, geocache, and hopefully visit Wall Drug and Deadwood.  Stay tuned!


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