Give a Hoot

I recently finished two owl hats for my grandchildren’s visit to Pennsylvania from the much warmer state of Texas.  The pattern is a Spud and Chloe pattern called Hoot Hat and designed by Susan B. Anderson.  If you are a member of the website Ravelry,  you can view the particulars here.

The pattern itself was very easy and worked up quickly.  The only fussy part was doing the face features and even those weren’t all that hard to do, especially if you can crochet.  The designer calls for knit eyes and beak but I found that crocheting some circles and a triangle were much faster and easier to do and then I just had to sew them on to the hats.  I used black felt for the irises of the eyes.

And how did the kiddos like the hats?  Well, I ‘ll let these pictures show you.

  “Hey, little Luke….isn’t it fun wearing Nana’s Owl Hat that she made for you?”

“I think I look pretty nifty in this hat.  Just don’t expect me to fly around yet because first I have to learn to crawl.”

“Aaargh, Mommy, what are you doing?  I don’t want to pose with my sister.  She might drop me or even worse, push me out of the nest.”

“The girl is nuts, I tell you….nuts.  I’ve got my eyes on you, Sis…..all four of them.”

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • The hats are so cute – I’m sure they will be treasured for a long time. Maybe even passed on to your great grandchildren.

    Enjoyed the photos, as well. Of course, Mika and Luke always make such great subjects of a photo!


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