Getting Ready

I’m getting ready for something.  Can you tell what it might be from this basket of goodies?  I’ll give you a clue.  I’ll be using everything that is inside the basket.  Here’s another clue.  It’s happening later this week.

I have my smaller supplies packed inside this little bag .
I emptied this so that I’ll be all set to fill it with whatever goodies they have us working on.
I got out the Wood Beam polish and gave things a good rub down and buff.
And now Valentina is all set to be packed up in the car.  Yes, I’m heading out later this week for the Philadelphia area for a spinning retreat organized by the Spinning Loft.  Two and a half glorious days of spinning instruction, not to mention good eating and a chance to finally meet the folks I’ve been talking to up on Ravelry all these months.  I’m a little nervous (ok, a lot nervous) but I know that once I get there and meet everyone, I’m going to relax and have a great time.  I consider myself a novice spinner (and DEFINITELY a novice spinner on Valentina), so I know that I’m going to learn a lot this week.  I’m not sure if I’ll have internet access in order to blog while I’m there, but if I don’t, I’ll be reporting on my adventures when I get back.
Our graphic for today is an old calling card that belonged to my great-aunt.  Hands and roses were common motifs for calling cards and this one is no exception.  I love the typeset that was used for Aunt Cora’s name.  Quite ornate, eh?

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Sounds like a great time! Have fun, learn lots!~


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