Get It Together, Nana!

It's Pink Day!

It’s Pink Day!

I took the kiddos to preschool this morning and as I was signing in Sweet Pea to her classroom, I noticed one of the other parents hand a pink piece of fluff to the teacher and heard her proudly say, “Here is Rachel’s pink item.”

Rachel walked into the classroom and proclaimed to the group, “I’m wearing pink.”

Sweet Pea turned around and gave me “the look.”  You know the one.  It’s the one that says, “What the heck, Nana?”  I guess I goofed.

I looked at the teacher and said, “Oh, no.  Is THIS pink week?  We thought it was last week.  She wore pink all last week.”

“No, ” the teacher patiently replied, as if I were the 4-year-old and not Sweet Pea.  “This week is pink week and next week is green week.”

“Oh, man,” I sighed.  “I guess I was mixed up.  You’ll have to excuse me.  It’s been a lot of years since this Nana has had to do all of this. I promise she’ll have pink on tomorrow.”

The teacher chuckled and assured me that she sees it all the time.

I hurried home and looked around for something pink that Sweet Pea could take to school tomorrow.  I couldn’t find anything that could be parted with and used in the school collage.  Finally I had the inspiration to look in the grocery flyer and noticed a pink plant.  Man, I hope Sweet Pea’s momma wasn’t planning on shopping for that plant because I cut it out of the paper faster than you can say “pink.”

The next challenge was finding glue or tape.  I could not find any.  I DID, however, find some needles and thread.  I’m nothing if not resourceful.  I SEWED the darn pink plant on a piece of paper and drew some more pink flowers below it just for good measure.  There!   Sweet Pea will have something pink to take to school tomorrow AND she WILL be wearing pink clothes.  I’ve also made a mental note that she needs to be in green next week.  Whew!  No one told me that I might need to bring a secretary with me to keep everything straight.




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