Furniture Shopping with Your Spouse

Time for New Furniture

Time for New Furniture

The Commander and I went furniture shopping yesterday for some new living room furniture.  Our previous set was pretty badly stained thanks to several bulimic cats that have long since gone to Cat Heaven and a series of dogs who liked to snooze and chew their toys on the couch.  The original plan was to just hang onto the old set until we moved and then get new things but I’ve kind of given up hope that we’ll be moving any time soon.  Frankly, I’m tired of being very ashamed when we have folks over and they see what they have to sit on.  I mean we’re talking a sofa that looks like the kind of sofa you see on the back porch of a farmer’s house where he plops down to take a nap in between milkings.  The matching chairs aren’t much better.

That’s how we came to be out furniture shopping.  We made the rounds and tried different sofas and chairs.  At one point I glanced over and noticed the Commander lying down on one of the contenders.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

“I’ve got to give it the nap test,” was his reply.

We found some we liked but they were close-outs and you had to buy certain configurations that weren’t what we wanted.  We really just wanted a loveseat and two recliners because we will be downsizing at some point and don’t want a huge sofa and those big chair-and-a-half chairs that are so popular right now.

Oh, so comfy!

Oh, so comfy!

We finally settled on the loveseat version of the sofa above that will actually recline and two rocker recliners, all in leather.

When we finished doing the paperwork with the saleslady, she paused and told us, “I have to compliment you.  You two really work well together.  I often have to just walk away from many couples and give them space because you wouldn’t believe how many get into arguments when they furniture shop.”

“Oh, we have our moments,” I assured her.  “You would never want to go canoeing with us.  We’re both Naval officers and when we get into a canoe, we both want to be in charge.  It’s not pretty.  You can’t have two captains in a canoe.”

I don’t think she believed me but she should have.  However, for this particular day, we worked together as a team and that was a rare but happy occurrence.



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