Friday’s Fave Five “S”s

It’s Friday once again.  Last Friday I plumb forgot what day of the week it was and didn’t do my usual Fave Five posting.  This Friday, I wrote myself a note to remind me so I wouldn’t forget.  The theme today is going to be around the letter “S”, since all five of my notable things this week begin with that letter.  Let’s take a look at what made my week memorable, shall we?

1.  Spring has arrived in all her splendor here in my neighborhood.  I’ve been enjoying taking walks around the subdivision and seeing all the trees in bloom.  It gave me the perfect opportunity to try out my camera.  The downside of all these flowering trees is, of course, the pollen.  My sinuses aren’t behaving very well but I can put up with some sniffling and stuffiness at night for the beauty that is Spring.

2.  Sipping a delicious new coffee flavor.  I first read about this flavor on someone’s blog but for the life of me, I can’t remember who mentioned it.  If it was you, I’m so sorry that I didn’t jot down a reminder to myself so that I could give you credit for introducing me to this coffee.  It’s made by Green Mountain Coffee and the flavor is a Limited Edition flavor called “Island Coconut.”  Yummy!

3.  Skyping with my extended family, including our grandbaby.  Boy, has Mika changed since she left here in February.  She even has little pigtails now and is definitely getting more of a toddler look than the infant-look she had when she left.  She insisted on standing with the aid of her parents while we talked on Skype and it was so cute to see her react to us as she peered at the computer screen.

4.  Scanning old cards and photographs – As part of my craft room reorganization attempt, I’ve been trying to file all the paper memorabilia that has accumulated in the drawers of my cabinets.  I have a lot of old cards, valentines, cartes d’visite, calling cards, and other memorabilia from my mother and grandparents, some dating back to the 1880’s.  It’s really been fun to scan them and read the old postcards particularly.

5.  Singing along with my Pandora radio stations – I just love Pandora and how you can create your own radio stations based on your favorite singers.  I have a Christian station, Celtic station, Crooners station, and Country Western station set up right now.  This week I had the Country Western music cranking through my speakers.  I don’t much care for the slow, mournful tunes so I give a “thumbs-down” to those which means that my station usually plays the fast, upbeat CW music.  It’s great to sing along with and really keeps me awake when I’m working on the computer, doing my digital scrapbooking for hours on end.

What have been your highlights this week?  If you’d like to join the Fave Five fun, visit Susanne’s blog at Living to Tell the Story.  Have a great weekend.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Simply smashing…spring, sipping, skyping, scanning and singing..uplifting for sure!

  • Yay for skyping! We are going to video chat with my oldest and his wife this evening – they live in London UK.

    Glad you’re enjoying Spring – ours is not in full bloom yet but is way ahead of its usualy schedule. We’re loving it!

    Wish we could get Pandora but it’s not in Canada yet.

    Happy weekend!

  • I like the way you introduced us to your favorite five with “S”
    Simply Stunning!

  • Aww…your granddaughter is so cute! What fun to be able to see her like that.

    Love the idea of scanning old postcards. The ones you show are so great!

    Happy weekend.

  • We love Pandora too and listen to it all the time.

    Skyping really has made our lives better.

  • Mika is adorable with her little pigtails! She seems to have grown up so much. How cool that she is responding to you on the computer! Thank God for Skype.

    I’ve never heard of Pandora radio but I can relate to music being an inspiration when creating.

    Have a great week, Dee!

  • I love alliteration—the S’s are great. :-)Your grandbaby is adorable. Isn’t Skype wonderful?

    Have a great weekend!

  • Love the “S’s”!

    That Pandora sounds really neat. Something for every mood one has. :v)

    Your grandbaby is so cute. It would have been fun seeing her watching you through the computer. Skype is such a great thing.

  • We heart Skype here at Willow’S cottage. Spring in Such a Special Season! Sipping coffee is Special, too! PleaSe come to my houSe and Scan photoS for me!


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