Friday – Some Feet, Fiber, and Fun

Can’t believe that it is already Friday.  I missed Friday’s Fave Five last week when the week just got away from me but this week, I’m determined to do better.  I thought I’d recap the week with (what else?) a little fiber-related news, some “feet-related” highlights, and end with some “just plain fun.”  Shall we get started?

1. I’ve been enjoying the sensation of “walking on air” thanks to some new insoles.  My podiatrist recommended these Spenco insoles to me and I have to say that they have really made a difference in how the soles of my feet feel after a long day.  I guess it’s a hereditary thing but I have no layer of fat on the bottom of my feet so when I walk, the pressure is right on the bones.  That ends up, over time, giving you the sensation that you are walking on stones.  Very unpleasant.  It’s quite nice to have a little additional padding for my poor old feet.

2.  I’m going to be taking a knitting class in September from this author.  Her book on “mosaic knitting” arrived this week and this will be the type of knitting that she will be teaching in her class.  I think it will be quite interesting to learn this new technique plus it will be fun to have a book for her to autograph.

3.  The “Tour de Fleece” is underway and I filled this bobbin today.  Our spinning guild met today and I was able to finish filling this bobbin and begin another one.  The plan is to fill two bobbins and then do a 2-ply yarn from it.  I love the colors.

 4.  I picked out yarn to make another Wrap Me Up Shawl.  My local yarn shop is offering a class for this shawl next month.  I already started the shawl in Noro yarn, accented with solid yarn but the pattern is so addicting.  It is made up of many small sections, each a different stitch pattern.  You want to keep knitting on it because it’s so much fun to watch the shawl evolve. 

So even though I’m on the 6th block of the shawl, I already was thinking of other color combinations I could work up and that’s why I have another grouping of yarn waiting in the wings.

5.  Finally, I thought you might enjoy this country-western song that I heard the other day on the radio.   It’s “International Harvester” by Craig Morgan.  I was thinking of it today and chuckling as I was driving out in the countryside between the fields on my way to our guild meeting.  I was running late and I caught myself thinking, “Boy, I hope I don’t get behind a tractor.”    Enjoy!

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • New insoles—sound like a great idea to me. I have such bad feet. I hope your knitting class will prove great fun! Your yarn is beautiful. Enjoy your weekend!

  • Beautiful colors…all of them. Love the combos – esp in the shawl.

    And can you really knit those intricate designs on the cover of that book? I’m impressed.

    That is one of my favorite songs! I first heard it when we lived in Louisiana… reminded me of home. 🙂

  • I love the colors on that spool! So fresh and pleasing to the eye! It will look lovely when you do the yarn.

    No fat on the soles of your feet? Ouch. I’ve never heard of that but I can imagine how uncomfortable and painful that would be. So glad you found something that works for you and gives you comfort. I know when my feet hurt, I’m miserable.

  • Beautiful shawl! Your knitting is a work of art, I think.

    Have a great weekend.


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