Fresca and Mini-Me

Well, the time finally arrived for us to go down to visit with Laura and Jason and meet our new grand-pup.  We also took Fresca, the Wonder Dog down to meet little Sadie Ann for the first time.  Sadie has been wanting another little friend to play with, according to Laura, and has been pestering the cat no end but to no avail.  So we thought that perhaps Fresca could give Sadie some playtime.

Poor Sadie!  About the only thing that she and Fresca have in common is the fact that they both love to eat.  Apart from that, Fresca showed NO inclination to play with this adorable little puppy.  From the moment Fresca arrived and we let her loose in their fenced backyard, she just roamed around, sniffing everything and “marking” the trees (again and again) but when Sadie finally got up the courage to come over and check Fresca out, our dog completely ignored her.

As the day progressed, Sadie got braver and started following Fresca around, occasionally sneaking a sniff here and there but when Fresca would turn around, Sadie would plop down and roll over on her side and “play dead.”  Obviously this is NOT a dominant dog.  Fresca would take one look and just walk off.

Now Sadie is a real “love bug” and if you sat down, she would come racing over to get on your lap to give you kisses.  “Grandpa” found this out when he sat on the couch.  He’s not much for doggy kisses so they had a little heart to heart talk.

She decided to give Grandpa a little space but she still had to try to have the upper hand, so to speak.  Well, that was a little too much for Fresca the Wonder Dog to take and so Fresca decided to claim a lap for herself as well.

I guess Fresca decided that if Sadie could try to worm her way into the Commander’s heart than perhaps Fresca could lay claim to Sadie’s “Daddy’s” lap.

I decided that I’d better sit down so I could entice Fresca away, which worked and soon Sadie was over by her papa and attempting to imitate his stance.  How cute is that?
But Fresca had made her way over to sit on Laura’s lap and that was a little too much for Miss Sadie, who decided that she’d better go investigate who was laying claim to her “Mommy.”
Eventually they got tired of the lap game and Sadie fell asleep on a pillow and had to be carried off to bed while Fresca got to stay up with the grownups.
We also celebrated the Commander’s birthday while we were down there.  I hadn’t checked with Laura to see what they were going to be getting him.
So imagine my surprise when he opened his gift and pulled out the EXACT same gift that I had hidden in my closet to give him tomorrow on his actual birthday.  Oh, dear!  Luckily I have another present in the mail.  I can’t remember though where I bought MY set and I didn’t keep the receipt.  “That will larn me”, as my mom says.
When I looked around and saw everyone falling asleep on the couch, I figured it was time to head on home.  We packed up Fresca and made the drive back to PA.  I guess Sadie will have to look elsewhere for a playmate.  Apparently, Fresca considers herself too grownup for such nonsense.  Dogs, you gotta love ’em.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Dee, those look like Craftman screwdrivers. If they are then you got them at Sears. Just return for a giftcard.

  • Sadie is SO cute! Great photo story.


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