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Oh, dear!  I said I’d be posting today about making your own customized avatar using Creative Memories’ Storybook Creator but I forgot what day of the week it was and so today it is time to post my Friday’s Fave Five picks.  So tomorrow I’ll be posting about avatars.  Sorry about that.  The weeks just seem to fly by lately and I am constantly losing track of time.  Maybe that is an offshoot of being retired.  It IS rather nice not to be so driven by the clock and calendar though.  But let’s get on to my Fave Fives for this past week.

1.  I’ve been spinning away on some very bright, cheery-colored fleece.  This color is called “Ooh-La-La-Tropi-Cal” and it was the February club fiber from Spunky Eclectic, a very talented fiber artist, knit designer, and shop owner up in Maine.  I’m going to try a 3-ply with this so I’ve been spinning it up on my Victoria and also on my Matchless and it’s been fun to work with such cheery colors.

2.  I found this book for quilters who want to make small projects for those who need comforting.  In the past, I’ve crocheted or knit up prayer shawls but my hands have been pretty arthritic lately and crocheting is really hurting them.  There is still so many who are hurting in our congregation and when I found this book, it gave me the idea that perhaps I could make prayer quilts or quilted prayer shawls for them.  So I’ve just washed some fabric in preparation for cutting out a small lap quilt for someone in our church and should be starting it this weekend.

3.  Having a friend email me to tell me that she has made a commitment to pray for me and my son and his family daily.  Our pastor just preached a series of sermons on the need to pray for our missionaries.  It was difficult to sit through the sermon last Sunday without getting all emotional.  In fact, I ended up having to leave the sanctuary and going upstairs to hide in the balcony where I could cry without disrupting the service.  I’m still struggling with the fact that my son and family, including precious little Mika, will be heading off overseas in just a few weeks, because I know how very much I will miss them.  So it really means a lot when I know that friends are praying for them and for me.

4.  I got a new watch that fits and that doesn’t cause my skin to break out in a rash.  Since I’ve lost weight, my watch has been hanging on me.  Then my old faithful titanium watch stopped working and the repair folks said they couldn’t get it fixed.  The other day, a local department store had a good sale on watches and I found one that wasn’t very expensive.  It’s a Grenen from Denmark and the watch casing and band are stainless steel.  I have pretty sensitive skin and if the metal is anything other than titanium or stainless, I’ll get a rash right where the band goes around my wrist.  But this has been fine and the band is also easily adjustable, as I lose more weight.  Yay!

5.  Finally, I’m going to be a grandmother again…..to a puppy.  My daughter, Laura and her hubby Jason are going to be bringing “Sadie Ann” home June 12.  She’s a King Cavalier puppy.  Isn’t she cute?  I already told Laura that I was looking forward to knitting up some doggy coats for Sadie for the wintertime.  Laura wasn’t too sure that Jason would agree to dressing up the pup unless I could knit something in “camo.”  Hey, not a problem.  They make camouflage yarn these days.

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And NOW for the start of my Project 365 journey:

May 28, 2010  Day 1

Spinning while catching up on all the TV shows we recorded when we were on vacation in Texas.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • What a blessing to have a friend commit to pray for your family! I have not had a child to become a missionary so I don’t know how you feel, but I can imagine. I honor you for your sacrifice!

    What a cute puppy!

  • I love small projects, too. I like that sense of completion in small doses.

    I’m praying for your son and family. How wonderful that they’re willing to follow His leading. I know He’ll ease the way for you, too.

    Sadie Ann is precious! Happy weekend.

  • Its a wonderful idea to make small quilting projects for people who need comforting. When I was going through the worst of breast cancer treatment, a friend gave me a quilt and I found it really comforting.

  • Oh I understand how those emotions can take over. I’m glad someone is committed to pray for you during this time. Blessings on your weekend.

  • Quilting, spinning … I love your creative talent!! I’m glad the prayers of your community are comforting to you. I can only imagine how much it hurts to see them leave.

  • What a great idea making quilted prayer shawls is. I’m sure those receiving them will really appreciate them.

    I can imagine how hard it must be knowing your son and family are going on missions even though you must be very proud of them at the same time.

    Love the pic of you at work on your spinning!

  • To have someone committ to pray for your loved ones AND YOU while they serve…..priceless.

    I love the name of that fleece…. Ooh-La-La- Tropi-Cal” Such a happy name must go with a beautiful color.

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is a prayer quilt, exactly? Bless you for finding a way to minister love to folks needing some comfort. Hope your hands do not let you down on this project!

    PS That puppy is adorable

  • I think it is great to not just know that there are probably people praying for you, but that they really are! because they told you so! what a blessing!


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