Five Ways to Exercise with a Dog Bed

It’s Friday and this week’s Fave Five are brought to you by my little granddaughter, Mika who has arrived for an Easter visit along with her mommy and soon her daddy.

These babies are always wanting to be walked!

She gets plenty of exercise walking her babies around the house in the doll buggy but she still has plenty of energy so Mika has invented another way to get exercise with something that many of you might already have around the house……a dog bed.

The one-armed, sideways push-up

1.  The one-armed, sideways push-up – To help you get rid of stubborn “love handles”, put your top half into a dog bed, flip onto your side and then, holding one leg off the ground, do a push-up using one hand only.

For fat necks

2.  The head lift – For the more energetic, after you have done your side arm push-ups, continue to flip your body over and balance our weight on your head and one leg and do push-ups using your head for support.

The back arch

3.  The back arch – Now, borrowing a move from yoga, flip completely unto your back and, supporting your self with your arms at your sides and your tippy-toes, arch your back like a cat but in a reverse arch, forming the letter “C”.

The bicycle

4.  The Bicycle – Now put your legs up in the air and “pedal” like crazy until you get tired or can’t feel your feet any longer….whichever comes first.

The modified lotus

5.  Modified Lotus – Don’t forget to allow time to assume a lotus position so that you can center your breathing and think positive thoughts.


6.  The dismount – Finally, when your exercise time is complete (or when the actual owner of the dog bed arrives to claim it), vault over the edge and congratulate yourself on a great exercise session.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • This was hilarious! What a great time you must be having. Enjoy, enjoy!

  • Mika definitely has a bright future in either exercise and fitness or in dog training 🙂

    The Mr. Linky link to your blog isn’t working. Not sure why. I just typed in your blog addy myself to get over here.

  • How funny and sweet ! I have to wait for 1 1/2 year until my little grandson would be able to do that, lol !

  • LOL. Too funny, now I want to see you do the exercises she’s demonstrated. Kids. They are so darn flexible.

    I can’t believe how fast that baby girl is growing. What a sweetheart!


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