Five Things I’m Looking Forward to Doing on the Weekend

It’s Friday and time for Friday’s Fave 5 once again.  My focus for this Friday’s Faves is going to actually be the weekend.  Yes, I’m REALLY  looking forward to some things that are coming up in the next few days and most of my efforts this past week have been aimed at what I have planned for the weekend.  Not that I haven’t enjoyed the beautiful weather this week or the chance to rest up a little after the spinning retreat last weekend but still, I’m REALLY excited about the upcoming weekend.  So—–let’s begin our Fave Five countdown, shall we?

1.  Tomorrow I’m heading off to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.    It’s one of the biggest fiber events on the East Coast and it’s less than 2 hours from my house.  I missed it last year so this year, I’m definitely going.  The Commander has been snagged to be my designated driver (I’ll be too overcome by wool fumes to function coherently) and I’m already working up my “Plan of Attack” for which vendors to head for first.

2.  I get to spend some time with my daughter and son-in-law this weekend.  After the Sheep and Wool Festival, the Commander and I will be heading over to our daughter’s home to visit Laura and Jason.  It’s pretty much a straight shot over to their house from the Fairgrounds so Laura pointed out that it would be fun to get together since we’d be so close to their home.  And the weather is supposed to be in the 80’s.  How perfect is that?

3.  We’re all going to celebrate Mother’s Day early with a visit to a new restaurant that the kids have discovered.  Laura was regaling me with stories about this neat lodge up on a mountain north of their home when we were on our trip down to Raleigh.  She kept going on about how great the steaks were and how reasonable the prices were.  Well, since I’ll be out of town on Mother’s Day, Laura decided that tomorrow would be the perfect time for us to head up to this great restaurant and celebrate our Mother’s Day early together plus get the chance to see how good the food is firsthand.  My mouth is watering already.  Plus I know that after all of that walking around the crowded fairgrounds, I’m going to be famished.  The food prices are always so high at the Festival and the lines are so long.  Thank goodness that we can avoid them this year.

4.  On Sunday, I’m flying down to San Antonio, TX where I’ll be rendezvousing with my sister-in-law, Rose.   She’s going to be flying in from Detroit and we’ll meet and the airport and then head over to our hotel which will be right on the Riverwalk.  Rose has never been to San Antonio so she is going to have a real treat.  My nephew is moving down there in a few months and Rose wanted to see what the area was like.  Plus she will be continuing on with me to our next stop.

5.  After a few days in San Antonio, we will head over to the Houston area to spend time with Jason, Laura, and my little grandbaby.  Rose hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting Mika yet.  I can’t wait to see how she has grown.  I can already see how much she has changed just from the pictures and from Skyping.  She is going to be dedicated at her maternal grandparents’ church on Mother’s Day and I’m so happy that I will be able to be there for it.  Plus, I’ll be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with my son.  So I’ll have celebrated Mother’s Day with my daughter this weekend and my son next weekend.  I’m doubly blessed.

6.  Oh, I have to throw in one more “fave” for good measure.  On this date, many, many (heh, heh) years ago, my baby brother was born.  Happy birthday, John!

What are your “fave five’s” for the week?  To see what others are writing about for their Friday Fave Fives, visit Susanne’s site at Living to Tell the Story

(Sheep photo courtesy of this site.)

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Mothers Day is good anytime, even a week early 🙂

    A sheep and wool festival sounds like a lot of fun to me.

  • This sounds like SO much fun!! I can understand why you are so anticipating the weekend.

    Mika is a doll — those little shoes are precious.

    Enjoy, enjoy!

  • WOW! You have got quite a weekend – and quite a WEEK ahead of you! Sounds like it’s going to be soooooo much FUN!

    I LIVE in Maryland and have never heard of this festival… I’ve lived here all my life except 2 years! HOW IS THIS??? LOL! Must be up in Western Maryland! 🙂

    I have been to San Antonio – and had the pleasure of staying in a hotel right on the Riverwalk! Oh GREAT times! I’m JEALOUS you’re going! LOL!

    Does sound like you are going to have a great week – and we might get a re-cap after the fact a couple Fridays from now??? Have a wONderful Mother’s Day(s)!

  • OK, my husband and I would love the Sheep and Woold festival, and I’ve never been to Maryland to boot. What fun that would be! ~ Your daughter is gorgeous, and what a precious grandbaby! ~ Enjoy every moment of your upcoming adventures.

  • One thing for sure….you love family and family loves you.
    Enjoy all your Mother’s Day events.
    Looks like many adventures in your future.
    All I know is that San Antonio will be playing Phoenix Suns….I love BB and I will cheer for the Suns.

  • Someday I’m going to go to San Antonio! My father was stationed there in WWII and my husband was there on a business trip and loved it. Maryland sheep and wool festival??? I want to come!! Enjoy! (overcome by wool fumes–too funny, but oh so true!)

  • Happy Birthday to John!

    Soundls like a great week coming up. So much fun and visiting.


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