Five Things I’m Grateful Did NOT Happen This Week

Not to be in a negative mood or anything, but this week has been rather stressful.  I’ve been worrying about several things and I’m happy to tell you that none of them actually were as bad as I was imagining.  That’s why I’ve chosen the “NOT” theme for my Fave Five post today.  Sometimes, after we squeak by some potential disaster, we forget to look back on what could have been and remember to be very grateful.  So let’s take a look, shall we, at what DIDN’T happen?

1.  I’m grateful that Fresca the Wonder Dog didn’t have a cancerous growth.  When I took her in to the vet this week to have him take a look at a red growth on her neck, I didn’t know what to expect.  Thankfully, it was a cyst and not something to worry about further.

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2.  I’m grateful that the Hepatitis A shot that I had to get this week in preparation for my trip to Indonesia was NOT given in my posterior.  I remember that the Hepatitis B shots that we all had to get before we went to Morocco were all given in our posteriors and I really wasn’t looking forward to going through that again.  Imagine my pleasant surprise (if you can even HAVE the word “pleasant” and “immunization” associated together) when the technician told me to have a seat on the examining table and to roll up my sleeve.

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3. and 4.  I’m grateful that the bad jaw pain that I was experiencing this week turned out to have a simple explanation and was not, in fact, an abscessed tooth or a mysterious jaw-eating disease.  I developed a very throbbing, aching jaw, both top and bottom on the side where I have a tooth that is quite sensitive to cold temperatures.  I have been pretty miserable.  I couldn’t eat anything hard so I’ve been babying my mouth by sticking with soft foods.  I was really feeling sympathy for all those who’ve ever had a toothache before me.  I finally broke down and made an emergency appointment with my dentist (and that tells you just how much I was hurting because I HATE going to the dentist).   I was SO afraid that I either had an abscessed tooth or that my jaw was being eaten by some mysterious bone-eating disease.  On the morning of my appointment, I woke up with the sudden epiphany that the pain could be associated with the fact that I had recently started flossing again.  On Sunday and Monday, I had gotten the floss stuck between my teeth on the side that was now hurting and I had REALLY had to tug and pull to get it free.  Maybe that was why my jaw was hurting so.  Sure enough, my dentist confirmed my diagnosis and I did not have to get a tooth pulled.

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5.  I’m grateful that I did NOT gain weight this past week when I weighed in at my diet group.  Heaven only knows that I should have gained.  After all, I had FOUR social engagements that all revolved around eating – my prayer group luncheon, my birthday dinner, an evening high tea, and a baby shower.  But miracle of miracles, I actually lost a pound.  I have no explanation for this.  God is merciful.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Well, I’m so glad all those things did NOT happen!! I share your aversion to dentists. I often wonder if they feel disliked…

    Enjoyed your list. Hope you have a great week ahead.

  • Those are great things to NOT have happen! lol Sometimes that is the only perspective we can have and I’m okay with that. lol I hope the weekend is better for you.

  • Not a negative way of looking at things at all! Especially if you’ve had a stressful week.

    Congrats on the weight loss!

    I’m glad your Fresca’s diagnosis was good!

    I’m going to call and book an appointment with the travel nurse next week…..your preparations have reminded me that I need to do the same!

  • I loved reading your blog. Believe you me, there have been weeks… and I’ve promised myself this is a stay connected, stay positive besides no one wants to hear about life because we all live it. I enjoyed your week and the read.

  • Sometimes when it seems like a bad week, remembering how it could have been worse can remind us of how it actually was good.

    And losing a lb when you felt like you must have gained is near the top of my list of good feelings!


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