Five Things I Miss From Indonesia

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Now that I’ve been home for  a few days, I thought it might be fun to look at the top 5 things I miss from my time in Indonesia.  Here goes:
 Of course, FAMILY would be at the top of my list.  I miss spending time with Jason, Laura, and little Mika.
Taxis.  I know this might sound strange, since I really enjoy having my car again now that I am home but I did enjoy being able to flag down taxis and let them navigate us around the city.  And I have to admit, once I got used to it, not having to wear a seatbelt felt rather freeing BUT only when they were driving around in the city and then only because it was bumper to bumper and they couldn’t go very fast at all.  Otherwise, I hated not having seatbelts.
Jakarta.  I liked Jakarta.  It seemed to me to have the excitement of the big city without the feeling of having your life in constant danger, like I’ve felt whenever I’ve been in New York or DC or places like that.  I liked seeing all those skyscrapers coming into view when we’d take the train into town from Bandung or being able to walk from the apartment to a shopping center or taxi stand.
Warm Weather.  I’m a warm weather gal.  Coming back here to temps in the 20’s has NOT been fun.  I haven’t even been able to feel thawed out in the house.  And I hate having to put on all those layers of outerwear – heavy coat, gloves, scarf, hat.  Ugh!
Walking.  I DID enjoy the opportunity to walk much more than I do here.  With no car, we had to do a lot of walking and it felt good.  I know that I could make myself walk at home but frankly, when it is cold, I don’t set foot outside any more than I have to.  That just confirms my theory that folks in warm-weather states tend to be in better shape (think Florida and California, for example) because the climate is more conducive to getting outside and doing physical things. 

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • I have to agree about the warm weather – we lived a winter in Louisiana a couple years ago. It was lovely to be able to just go outside without worrying about a coat, etc……start the car when you leave instead of having to warm it up…..not wondering about road conditions……it was wonderful! (Except for the lack of FRESH air)

    I understand about the no seatbelt thing……If I could not wear the seatbelt without Seth noticing, I left it off, for sure…..why bother when top speed is about 20 mph?


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