Five Muscle-Building Struggles

It’s Friday yet again.  Another week and another list of “five.”  Has this been a tough week for you?  It’s been a bit of a grinder for me this week.  Yet I’m reminded of one of my mother’s favorite sayings that goes something like this:  “We fall to rise, we sleep to wake, are baffled to fight better…” from a poem by Kipling.  We can’t all have sunshine and lollipop weeks but we can learn from our struggles.  So here are five things that I’ve been struggling with this past week.

1.  Saying “goodbye” yet again to my son and his family.  We had a wonderful two weeks together here but now they are back in Texas where they’ll remain at least until the new baby arrives.  I hate saying goodbye but have to remind myself that you can’t say “Great to see you again” unless you’ve first said “Good-bye.”  Therefore I shall concentrate on the anticipation of our next visit together.

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2.  Feeling relieved that we missed the terrible storm damage but yet, strangely guilty.  It’s a  paradox, isn’t it?  I feel happy that we did NOT get hit with those horrible storms and tornadoes that ravaged other parts of the country and, indeed, other areas of our state.  Yet, I feel rather guilty for being happy since so many others have had their lives turned upside down by these events of the past week.  I’ve encountered this feeling before but in connection with cancer, when I’ve heard of acquaintances who have lost the battle with cancer while being grateful that I’m still here.  I think it’s called “survivor guilt.”

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3.  I’ve been struggling with the idea of how much of our lives we waste just “waiting” on things to occur.  It seems like there is always some goal or event that I’m “looking forward” to.  Usually it goes like this in my mind. “I can’t WAIT for the time when I can (you fill in the blanks).  Or “I can’t WAIT for (xxxxx) to happen.”   If I put half the energy into the here and now that I put into biding time, I might actually accomplish something.  I don’t want to be one of those people who gets to the end of their life and suddenly realizes that they never really did much living.

4.  I’ve been struggling with how old I’m looking.  Gee, when I saw some recent pictures of myself, I could no longer deny that I look middle-aged.  Graying hair, wrinkles, sagging skin, jowls, oh, my! Who time-traveled my internal “twenty-something” self into this aging body?  It’s hard to maintain a spring in your step when the springs are rusting.  Then again, maybe I just need to find a better skin cream.

5.  I’ve been struggling with a sinus infection and an ear infection.  For the past two weeks, I’ve been dealing with a virus that has had me coughing like crazy and quite congested.  Earlier this week, my one ear got all blocked up and painful and sure enough, it was infected.  Now, 3 days into a course of antibiotics, I still feel like one ear is stuffed with cotton balls.  At least my normal loud ear-buzzing has dulled to a low roar because of the temporary deafness in the one ear.  My substandard hearing  reminds me of a funny video my son told me about on YouTube.  Let’s end on a lighter note, shall we?

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • No wonder you’ve struggled this week — you haven’t felt well. I do hope you’re getting better.

    Goodbyes are never easy, I know. And I know what you mean about that survivor guilt.

    Hope the sun shines for you tomorrow.

  • This video is hilarious, I have seen it already but it still makes me laugh. I am sinking too about the wedding yesterday and how wonderful it was ! You certainly have seen some picturesby now I have put a collage on my blog today.
    I was sick too (or should I say “thick”)had the same, hope you feel better now. BTW grey hairs are no problem ! Dye them ! Everybody does I included !

  • I hope the antibiotics do their job and your feeling fine, soon!
    I’m glad you had a nice visit with your son and his family. My boys are still little, so I’ll just clutch them nice and tight for as long as I can.
    The storms were beyond anything i can imagine, and the stories are tearing at my heart. I’m glad you’re okay.
    I agree with you about waiting. I’m always telling my boys to live every day to the fullest. Even if we never leave the house!
    I think you look great.. for what it’s worth. 🙂

  • I’m a little behind on my blog reading again, but looks like you has a great time with your visitors!!!

    Mom started stressing about aging last fall. She started using the philosophy miracle worker line-her first skin care regiment ever-and is loving it.

  • LOL….the commercial is hilarious! Sorry about all the rest, though – although I have to say you don’t look old at all!


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