Fingerpainting Pixie

We started out our day yesterday playing with letters inside.  Mika already knows most of her letters and numbers and her colors and has so much fun pointing them out. 

I want something more challenging!

Soon she was getting tired of the letter game and ready to take on a new challenge.  Luckily, Mommy had found some fingerpainting paints at the local dollar store so we went outside to introduce Mika to fingerpainting.

You use your finger as a brush, Mika.

Mika’s mommy showed her how to dip your finger in the paint and then make designs on the paper.  When she tried to dip Mika’s finger in the paint, though, that was a different story.  Mika wanted no part of that.  It was “dirty.”  So we had to improvise.

Use this stick as a brush.

We found a stick and encouraged Mika to dip it in the paint and then use it as the paintbrush.  That was much more to her liking and she happily played away with it, painting until her stick broke.

What color should I use next?

We found another stick and also a little rock that she could dip in the paint and that gave us a few more minutes of painting fun.

Maybe she would have been happier doing some “foot-painting”?  All things considered, she didn’t make too much of a mess of herself or the surroundings.

Do you want me to paint your nails, Nana?

Afterwards, Mika cleaned up and changed and decided to chill out by sitting in little Luke’s rocker chair, which was her rocker chair originally.

In the meantime, Luke had his bath and was making google eyes at his PawPaw.  It was a good day.

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