Finger-Lickin’ Good

Today was “Parents’ Day” at my mom’s nursing home and it was celebrated with an outdoor chicken BBQ picnic.  Mom was waiting for us in the hallway when we arrived and we pushed her on out where the staff had set up tables and chairs under canopies.

Boy, was she excited when I told her what the menu was. We had BBQ chicken, coleslaw (the good, soupy sweet kind), baked beans, and chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.  Now normally Mom has someone helping her eat and it is like pulling teeth for them to get food down her.  She fights them every step of the way unless it is the dessert.

But today, I handed her chicken legs and a wing and strips of meat that I’d pulled off my piece and she stripped those bones bare.  I haven’t seen her eat that much in a long time.  She liked the coleslaw, too and finished off the top half of the piece of cake.

It was so nice to be able to enjoy a meal with her where she could manage it mostly on her own with just a little help now and then from me.

Afterwards, we took Mom on a walk around the building, stopping to watch the ducks sunning themselves along the creek bank for awhile.  However, since the temps were inching past 90 degrees, we went inside and sat in the lounge soon after that and spent the rest of the visit singing old songs and hymns that she could remember.  She can still harmonize fairly well.  Hard to believe that Mom is just a few months shy of 97 years old, isn’t it?

In fibery news, I thought you might like to see the latest yarn I spun up.  This is the “Ooh-La-La-Tropi-Cal” fiber I mentioned several posts ago and I spun 3 bobbins of it and 3-plied it together.  Isn’t it cheery?

Project 365 – June 12, 2010 (Day 16)

My mum enjoying her chicken at the picnic today.

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