Finding Humor Even During Sorrowful Times

Such a Jokester!

Such a Jokester!

It’s been less than a week since Mom passed away and we’ve actually been able to find a little humor midst all of the grieving.   The day that Mom passed away, we met with one of the funeral home directors to go over details.  One of the things we discussed was the original container I’d selected for her cremains.  It was huge, unbeknownst to me.  Needless to say, I changed it to a much more appropriate container for her cremains.

I was telling my brother about this yesterday.

“John, I almost fell over when she told me the thing weighed almost 250 pounds.  Good grief, it looked big enough to bury a LARGE German Shepherd inside,” I told him.  “Can you imagine the two of us trying to manhandle something like that in and out of the car on our way out to Minnesota?”

Dad Loose

Our Dad


And that made us remember Mom’s infamous trip out to bury our Dad’s cremains.  She made the loop around to visit the relatives after he died, en-route to the cemetery.  One relative told us the now-famous family story of how Mom was visiting with this particular aunt and suddenly Mom announced, “Well, gotta go.  I have Dad in the trunk.”  That was Mom for you!

John and I discuss plans for OUR trip to the little country cemetery near her family farm.  We’ll make the loop, visiting all the relatives as we go.  Of course, you can’t have a family trip without the requisite stops at favorite restaurants.

“Mackinaw City fudge,” I say.

“Schloegel’s Potato Pancakes in Menominee, Michigan,” he responds.

“Don’t forget Mickey Lou’s hamburgers in Marinette, Wisconsin,” I counter.

Our mom

Our mom

The thought suddenly strikes me.  What if I don’t want to part with Mom’s ashes when the time comes?  It seems somewhat comforting to think that she’ll be back home with me for awhile (at least part of her will be).  I mention this to my brother.  Maybe we could take Mom on a pilgrimage back to Minnesota and then back here, ultimately taking turns having her at our houses.  It’s a crazy idea and Mom would probably give me a good poke with her cane at the thought but still……..



  • Judy

    Hi Dee- This story reminds me of Barb and Bonnie’s mom. After her husband passed,and was cremated,she kept his ashes on the dresser in her bedroom. When Barb and I would go over to spend the night, I always got to sleep in her bed. She always reminded me to say”Good night Frank” before I turned off the light. She has since died and her ashes and his were scattered on the river there at their last home.


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