Fiddle-dee-dee! It’s Fave Friday!

My goodness, these weeks are just flying by.  Here it is Friday again and time for another Fave Five listing.  I had to fly out the door this morning to get to our spinning guild meeting on time (actually, I was late) so I didn’t get my post up early but I’m back after a glorious time spinning outside on a porch overlooking some lovely Pennsylvania countryside.  I REALLY must learn to take my camera with me because it would have made a great thing to post as one of my faves.  Guess you’ll just have to imagine 7 ladies spinning happily and chatting away.  Anyway, here are my fave fives for the week.

1.  A cupholder to go on my Schacht spinning wheel.    These are made by FBN Plastics, a vendor who sells on Etsy.  She makes them to fit all types of spinning wheels and she is wonderful to deal with, too.

2.  I’m destashing (as in “decluttering”) again.  I am always thrilled when I get after myself to get rid of some things that I’m not using.  In this case, I’ve been busy destashing some of the yarn that I have not gotten around to using, which just hasn’t been “speaking” to me.  It’s a win-win situation.  Some other knitter ends up with some neat yarn and I end up with some extra money which I think will be used to buy another spinning wheel (after I destash one of my wheels).

3.  These Crystal Light Drink Mix On the Go packets are helping me drink more water.  These are the neatest thing for someone who just doesn’t drink enough water.  My daughter suggested I try these and they have made all the difference.  I simply can’t get plain water down more than a few swallows at a time.  But if I add a little tube of this (they come in individual tubes) into a water bottle, the water is much more palatable and goes down much easier.  They even sell different types of flavors/mixes designed to give you energy or more fiber and there is no caffeine, it’s gluten-free, and only adds 5-10 calories a bottle.

4.  This mini-ice cooler for holding sandwiches, snacks or a few canned drinks. I got this from my son and daughter-in-law on my recent trip down to Texas and it is just too cute.  It’s perfect for throwing a snack into if I’m heading out in the car and want to have something to munch on later in the morning but want to keep it cool.  It’s about the size of a small handbag.  Plus I’m a sucker for that lime green color.

5.  A trip to another local tea room with friends.  Yesterday I went to the Lady Bug Tea Room in East Berlin, PA with two of my friends to celebrate the recent retirement of one of them.  This is a new to us tea room and it was delightful.  Boy, was the food plentiful.  In fact, we got so excited about the wonderful things that kept coming out of the kitchen that I completely forgot that I had brought my camera and didn’t remember to take any pictures until we were ready to leave.  The owner and chief cook has a repertoire of about 85 recipes that she rotates for her teas and many are old family recipes.  Let me tell you…..they were delicious.  I have a feeling that the scale is going to be groaning (and me, too) when I weigh in at TOPS next Monday, especially after 2 weeks of vacation eating out every day and now this tea.

Well, that’s my Friday’s Fave Five.  To read some more, visit Susanne’s blog at Living to Tell the Story.  Oh, and a quick report on my coffee mug cleaning experiment with the vinegar and salt.  Forget it!  It didn’t work.  All it did was clear my sinuses.  It did NOT make any dent in the stains.  I ended up having to take scouring powder to the darn mug and use plenty of elbow grease to get all the stains off and then wash it down well with soapy water.  Oh well, live and learn.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Love that lime green mini-cooler!

    I’ve never destashed before, but decluttering is a great thing to do. I always feel much better after having got rid of stuff!

  • thanks for stopping by my site. . .love the tea room idea. . .I would love a day away with girlfriends!

    And the cupholder. . . fabulous…who would have thought there was enough of a market for that, but I imagine that spinning is thirsty work!

  • Congrats on destashing. It IS win-win. I need to do more of it myself. That drink mix sounds like such a cool idea. I need to find those to get my mom to drink my fluids. Looks like you have a fun group of friends!

  • Thanks for the visit to Ramblings & More! Sounds like you had a good week. Spinning wheels – sounds really cool! 🙂

  • I love that mini cooler too and think I might need to get myself something like that.

    I find that cupholder a little funny. Kind of like old world meets new world, but I’m sure its very handy for you to have.

  • I love that mini cooler, it looks just like a handbag. I have one at home where I put my husband’s lunch in for work, but it’s bright pink! Can you imagine? He has a love hate relationship with it. He loves how it keeps his lunch cold but he burries it in the car so no one gets to see it! LOL! Maybe I should keep my eyes open and find him one just like yours. But then again, it STILL looks like a lady’s handbag doesn’t it?

    Have a great weekend!

  • I admire your spinning skills!

    And a day out with the girls is perfect – especially a nice tea room like that. Forget the calories – a girl needs to celebrate every now and then 🙂 (Says she who just ate her way through 4 lobster feeds 🙂

    Happy weekend!

  • If I weren’t decluttering, I’d grab some of your gorgeous yarn…I just sent some of mine off in a package. I just wasn’t going to knit up anything in ORANGE (what was I thinking?).

    Cute bag! At first I thought it was a purse.

    Have a great weekend!

  • I would never have guessed that was a mini cooler. Too cute, and I’m a sucker for lime green too.

    Now isn’t that cup holder a stroke of genius!

    In the summer I love to add a dash of lemon or lime to my water and lots of ice. That makes it easier to drink for me. We also got an alkaline water machine which somehow makes the water more “wet” and more easy going down. It’s hard to explain but we’ve heard that comment from lots of people that we’ve given samples to.


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