Feeling the Vibes

Did you survive 11-11-11?  Apparently, it was supposed to be quite an auspicious date.  Of course, most of us were probably aware that it was Veterans Day here in the States.  That happens every 11-11, whether it is 2011 or not.   I did a little digging though, and discovered some of the other “buzz” around the date.

The date happens only once every 100 years.  Chances are that you won’t experience another 11-11-11 unless health care REALLY improves between now and 2111.  Quite a few cultures and groups considered the date to be very lucky.  The Hindus think it is quite lucky since the number “1” symbolizes the sun.  I guess because the sun is considered “life-giving”, then you can pack a lot of life in 11-11-11.

Speaking of packing life in the date, apparently obstetricians were gearing up for a very long day.  Many expectant mothers were scheduling Caesarians for the 11th.  One doctor even offered to refund his fees for any baby that he delivered that day.  I believe I read that he was going to hold the funds in trust for the kids until their 21st birthdays, though, so let’s hope he is still around then.

Lots of folks were getting married yesterday.  The date is considered a great one for new beginnings.  I suspect one ulterior motive might have been that it is a hard date to forget, making it less likely that you’d forget your anniversary.

Quite a few folks of a more “pagan” slant were expecting a bunch of mystical creatures known as the “Spirit Guardians” to show up around mid-morning yesterday.  These creatures supposedly watch over us mortals. They also supposedly prompt you to look at the clock at 11:11 as a way to get your attention throughout the year and do things like make streetlights go off when you go by.  This is supposed to let you know that something big is coming.  I’m not sure why they were supposed to actually show up yesterday.  Maybe it was to whack us on the back of the head, like Jethro Gibbs on NCIS, for those of us a little slow on the uptake.

I read one 11-11-11 website that was predicting three possible scenerios:
Something good was going to happen, something bad was going to happen, or nothing was going to happen.  Gee, I think that about covers it all, don’t you?

I read that Egypt closed the pyramids to tourists yesterday so that no weird groups would show up and perform pagan sacrifices on them.  All I can say is, “Thank God!”

So did you have any unusual experiences yesterday?  See any Spirit Guardians?  I didn’t notice any over here but I DID get an “aura” mid-morning.  I suppose it could have been related to the date, but I’m more prone to think it was the usual visual manifestation of the migraines that I’m prone to having.  For the rest of you who had “nothing”, hang in there.  It’s less than 200 years now until your next chance to feel the vibe.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • I didn’t have time to notice anything auspicious about 11-11-11 since I had all 9 grandkids over that day.

    Wait….I guess that means something GOOD did happen to me!


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