Fave Five Friday – Finally!

It’s Friday – finally!  It’s been a busy week which means that the week has flown by.  It seems that the closer it gets to my trip overseas, the faster the days are going.  With Thanksgiving just weeks away, I’m getting a little panicked about getting all my Christmas presents made or purchased before I head off on my trip.  My goal of leaving with a rudimentary knowledge of the Indonesian language has flown out the window.  I think I’ll be able to manage the standard greetings and that’s probably all I can hope for at this point.  I also like to make Christmas gifts for each of the nurses on my mom’s wing at the nursing home.  That’s 27 people to make gifts for.  Needless to say, I’ve been finding myself waking up early in the morning with my mind racing as I try to figure out how I’ll accomplish all of this within the time allotted.  But let’s put that aside and go to our Fave Friday list for this week, shall we? 

 1.  I’ve been dogsitting this week and it has been very apparent to me that, like children, God gives us the dogs that he knows we can handle.  Don’t get me wrong.  Our Fresca is about as neurotic as they come.  She’s anti-social, over-protective, suspicious, and can get loud in a heartbeat.  Hey, that sounds like me…a perfect match for my temperament.  I can spend hours working away on the computer or sitting in a chair reading.  I’m independent – extremely so, as long as I know there is someone in the general vicinity that I can count on IF I need them.  Fresca is perfectly happy as long as she is in the same room as me.  She just plops herself down on the floor by my side and snoozes away.  She doesn’t need to be walked because she exercises herself running from window to window in our rooms when cars, mailmen, or dog walkers go by the house.  She’s efficient.  She comes to get me when she has to go outside and then she does her business in less than 3 minutes and is ready to come back in.  Then there’s Schatze, the dog we are babysitting.  Schatze is a “clinger.”  I don’t think I’ve ever met such a needy dog.  She’s used to being on her owners’ laps a lot.  And she whines – oh, my….does she whine.  She takes FOREVER to go to the bathroom.  She came here with two big containers filled with treats that I’m to give her.  Goodness, she’s half the size of my dog who only gets two small treats a day and this little dog apparently gobbles them down like there is no tomorrow.  No wonder she’s a picky eater!  It’s a good thing that she’s cute because that is her saving grace.  One more week to go with the little darlin’.

2.  We’re one week closer to Election Day.  I don’t know about you, but I’m getting mighty tired of the election ads and the campaign telephone calls.  I’d just like for it to be over and done with.  Maybe the answer is to limit the amount of time that candidates have to campaign.  It seems like they start several years before the actual election.  Ugh!  It’s like seeing Christmas decorations up in July.  When the actual event happens, it feels anti-climactic.

3.  I had a lucky break on my Christmas knitting.  I’ve been enjoying knitting fingerless mitts, as I mentioned in an earlier post this week.  Anyway I fired off an email to my daughter several days ago to ask her what color of fingerless mitts she would want “IF” she should happen to get some for Christmas.  I just heard back from her and the answer was “light gray.”  Well, what do you know?  It just so happens that I had found an unused skein of a nice gray left over from a sweater I had knitted this year and I’d started a set of gloves for myself.  However, I wasn’t liking how they were turning out.  When I heard from Laura, I ripped out my knitting and am now redoing a pair from a different design for my daughter.

4.  Our son posted some more pictures of our granddaughter and she’s becoming quite the reader.  Jason and Laura haven’t had very good internet access where they currently are living so the emails and pictures have been few and far between.  However, this week we received some new pictures and even a short video.  Mika continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  She’s now crawling easily and continues to be quite captivated by books.

5.  Speaking of books, I’m making great progress on my “ABC” book for Mika.  I’m using the Creative Memories Storybook Creator software and designing a special ABC book just for Mika that I plan to have printed and bound before I leave.  Each entry will feature someone or something that particularly pertains to her family on both sides.  I thought that this would be a great way for her to learn her “ABC’s” while also getting to know her extended family while she is living so far away from us all.

If you’d like to write about your own Friday’s Fave Five, visit Susanne’s blog at Living to Tell the Story.  She hosts us each Friday and it’s a great way to reflect back over your past week or to focus on the week to come.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Oh, Dee! You sure have given yourself alot to accomplish before leaving! Don’t get yourself so tired you cannot enjoy your first few days!

    i love that photo of Mika! It’s hard, isn’t it, when the internet thing doesn’t work so easily? I know how you feel.

    But soon (how soon?) you will be holding that little dolly in your arms!

    Loved your comparison of the two dogs. Needy dogs are not my cup of tea – no matter how cute they are.

    I can’t always comment due to the fact that I often download the blogs then disconnect before reading them in order to save internet time….but I do try to keep up with your posts!

  • Amy

    I love to knit as well! I am new to the craft and have yet to knit some fingerless gloves. May need to give them a shot soon!!

    Happy FFF! Praying you have a wonderful weekend!

  • I had to laugh at your dog-sitting adventures! Of course, I don’t have a dog myself, but it does seem like the visiting dog is a tad spoiled.

    I think your ABC book for your granddaughter is a super idea! When I get grandkids, I’ll have to remember that!

  • Dee, I finally got in on the fff train. Check out my blog. Anyways, looks like things are chugging along out your way. Bet you are excited to see mika soon. My parents are coming out in a week and the kids are excited to see them and do the robot museum with them.

  • Enjoy your dog-sitting. I haven’t had to do that yet, but I know the day is coming… I am DEFINITELY tired of the phone calls every single day. Whew. Won’t it be a relief when the election is over? Oh, what a beautiful picture of your granddaughter. Such a treasure. Your book sounds like such a great idea. I’ll have to check into that.

  • Sounds like you have been busy this week! Its wonderful that you have more pictures of Mika, that must make you so happy!

  • I just love the picture book idea! How neat that you’re getting so prepared for your trip.

    There’s a hearty AMEN from this corner for the end of election season!! I totally agree.

    Have a great week ahead.

  • What a cute granddaughter, and lunatic dogs,lol I have four cats who terrorizes me !
    It’s so strange to read about Christmas preparations when you sit in 30°C (86 F) on the beach, lol !

  • The weeks seem to whizz by don’t they? I enjoyed reading the dog stories and your granddaughter is so cute! That ABC book is such a wonderful idea!
    Have a great weekend!

  • You are one busy lady! Love the idea of the book you are making for Mika, though. She’s gonna love that!

    I don’t know if my Samson would take kindly to me dog sitting another dog. He kinda likes his people to keep all the attention on him alone. LOL.


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