HOW Fast Am I Going?


I’ve spent the last week helping out again with this little guy.  What fun!  However, it was time to head home on Friday and so I left little Bucky dreaming of sugarplums while I thought of the impending snowstorm headed our way on Saturday.  I needed to beat the storm home.


Sample Prius Display

I pulled out onto the freeway and happened to glance at my digital display.  What in the world?  My display said I was going 105.  A closer look told me that this was in kilometers per hour.  Say what?  How about miles per hour?  The last time I checked, the U.S. was still stubbornly clinging to the Standard System and hadn’t switched to the Metric System.  I had no idea how fast I was going.

I decided to pull off at the next exit and see if I could figure out how to switch my display back to “mph.”  Of course, I couldn’t make heads nor tails of the manual for my Prius nor did there seem to be any instructions for how to make the switch back and forth.  I decided to call my dealer.

“Hi, I bought my Prius-C there this past summer and I just started out on a trip and suddenly my speedometer is showing my speed in kilometers per hour.  I need to know how to get it back to miles per hour,” I whined.

The salesman on the other end said, “That’s easy.  Just hit ‘display’ and ‘trip’ at the same time.”

I did and nothing changed.  “Nope, it still shows kilometers,” I told him.

“Hmmmm, try holding down both buttons for a few seconds before releasing them,” he offered.

I did and nothing changed.

We tried several other variations of hitting those two buttons before he decided to get a key to the Prius-C on display and checking it out himself.

He couldn’t figure it out either.

“Hey, how about in the ‘Settings’ mode?  You’d think it would be in the basic settings screen, wouldn’t you?” I suggested.

We then spent five minutes with him trying to instruct me over the phone how to move the arrows up on the display screen to “select” the settings feature.  I couldn’t even get that right.

“SHIT!” I blurted out.  “Oh, excuse my French, but this is so darn frustrating.  You’d think they could make this stuff easier.”

“I just looked in the ‘Basic Settings’ and it’s not in there so no need to keep trying that route,” he told me.

“Why don’t you walk over to the Service Department and find someone who knows how to do this?” I prompted.

“OK.  Give me your phone number and I’ll call you back after I find someone who knows what to do,” he said.

“Nooooo!  Don’t leave me!” I wailed.  “I’m pulled off into some company’s private parking lot and I’m really not supposed to be sitting here and it’s getting dark and I don’t see very well in the dark and a snowstorm is coming and speed is of the essence.  You really have to call me back quickly, do you understand?”

“Yes, I promise I will,” he assured me and hung up.

I waited and waited, probably only for five minutes but it seemed like an eternity.  I considered calling the Commander but decided that he wouldn’t know how to fix this.  Even HE isn’t omniscient.  I thought about calling my brother.  He’d probably be able to figure it out but if the other fellow called me back, I wouldn’t know how to switch calls on my iPhone in mid-conversation.  I’ve never figured that out.

Finally my phone rang and it was the salesman.  “OK, you need to be in the trip display screen and then hit the “trip” button and then the “display” button,” he instructed.

I did as I was told.  Nothing happened.

“I don’t understand,” he said.  “I just did it and it switched for me with no problem.  Here, I’ll do it again.”  I heard him clicking buttons and then more clicking.

“It’s a bit tricky.  I don’t know why it isn’t switching back,” he said.  “You must have to hit it just right.”

I waited some more.  I idly looked at my screen.  I leaned forward and hit my buttons again.  Suddenly I was looking at “mph” instead of “kph.”

“Hey,” I shouted.  “I just got it switched back over.  Thanks so much for your help.”

“You’re welcome,” he laughed.  “I’m still trying to switch it back up here.  It’s rather tricky.”

“Yeah, something this basic should be a heck of a lot simpler, to my way of thinking.  Well, gotta run.  Thanks again,” I said and I pulled back onto the interstate.

I didn’t make it home before dark but at least I knew how fast I was driving.  I’d only spent a half hour on the phone with the dealership trying to get the darn thing figured out.



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