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Um, What Chart?

Um, What Chart?

I had another follow-up appointment with my ophthalmologist today to determine once and for all if I have glaucoma.  When I went in to see him in the Fall with the “flashing lights” incident in one eye, he discovered that the pressure was getting dangerously close to the abnormal level in the other eye.  A subsequent appointment showed the pressure was still increasing but he couldn’t make a final diagnosis because they had dilated my eyes on that visit to make sure I didn’t have a retinal detachment.  That’s why I was back today for yet another appointment.

I was ushered into an examining room and the technician said, “Let’s see, you’re here for a Visual Field Test, right?”

“Um, no….I’m here to have my eyes checked for glaucoma,” I replied.  “They were going to check last visit but couldn’t do it because my eyes were dilated.”

She looked over my chart and then explained that yes, I WAS going to have the test as part of determining if I had glaucoma.  Oh, man…yet another test.

Could be a "2"

Could be a “2”

But first she checked my eye pressure and then up popped the old eye vision chart and I had to read the lowest line that I could see.  Oh, man.  I rattled off, “Uh, E, or C, O, maybe a 2, L, V”, I think.”

She gave me a look and had me cover the other eye.  Ah, that changed the picture quite a bit.  I rattled off a DIFFERENT set of letters and then looked at her apologetically.

“I’m due for my annual eye exam,” I told her.  “Things are a little fuzzy right now.”

Then it was time for the Visual Field Test.  I was marched down the hall and into a tiny room where I had to put my head into a hole in a big square thing and stare at a tiny pinhole of light, all while wearing an eye patch over one eye.  The technician gave me a device to press whenever I noticed little white lights flashing around the perimeter BUT I wasn’t supposed to look anywhere but at that main light in the middle.  She assured me that she would let me know when the test began.

I THINK I see it!

I THINK I see it!

The test started and the darn equipment kept making a churning noise and then a light would appear.  Some of the little lights were brighter than others.  We’re talking head of a needle size though so the little buggers were hard to see.  After 3 minutes of pressing the device, I leaned back so we could switch the eye patch and start over.

“You know, it’s hard to ignore that chugging sound because every time the machine makes that sound, I figure I’m supposed to see a light,” I mentioned to her.

“Well, you just have to ignore it,” she said.  “That’s not necessarily the case.”

Uh, huh, and is the Pope Catholic?

I finished the test and went back to see the doctor.  He told me that I had actually done surprisingly well on the field test.  Yay, me!

Bottom line?  I’m in that “no-man’s land” of having abnormal readings but not yet having glaucoma.  He said if my pressure readings were just a shade worse, he’d go ahead and just start the eye drops since it would be a foregone conclusion that I’d be developing glaucoma, especially with two major risk factors of elevated pressure readings and thin corneas.  However, we aren’t there yet.  Instead, I’m to be monitored every six months by my ophthalmologist and continue with annual eye exams with my regular optometrist.   Don’t you just love getting older?

Rachel's Slow Curve Collar

Rachel’s Slow Curve Collar

On the knitting side of things, here’s a quick little project that I just finished while viewing the Winter Olympics.  The pattern is called “Rachel’s Slow Curve Collar” and it is designed by Donna Pelzar.  You can find it up on Ravelry here.

This is a sweet pattern that knits up quickly.  It can be used as a cowl or a neck-warmer.  You secure it with a shawl pin.  I made this one with KnitPicks’ Chroma yarn and really like how the self-striping yarn plays up the curve of the collar.

I like this pattern so much that I’m planning to make more of these for Christmas presents and include a nice shawl pin with each.



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