Excuse Me, Aren’t You Overlooking Something?

I was reading the paper today and noticed this picture attached to an article about high school students being trained to work in health occupations.  I’m just showing you a portion of the picture but if you zoomed out, you’d see a young lady happily folding a sheet or pillowcase while these two “pretend” nursing home residents are seated at the table next to her.

Um, call me crazy but there’s a bit of a problem here.  The one guy’s head is on BACKWARDS!  His wrist isn’t looking too healthy either.  It could be fractured.  It’s certainly at an angle that doesn’t come naturally.  Yet this student is folding linen.  Hello!  What are they teaching the kids in this Vo-Tech school?

Note to my kids:  If the time ever comes when I have to go into a nursing home, do NOT send me to any place that employs staff that have been trained at this institution.  If you do, dire things could happen.  They might come to change my bed sheets and end up diapering my head and feeding my backside.  I shall come back to haunt you if this happens.  Consider yourself warned!

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