On the Eve of Departure

Coffee Cup


It’s the last day of 2012 and our last day in Texas before heading back to Pennsylvania.  How did we spend December 31?  Well, we spent a little time at a local coffee shop just enjoying each other, coffee, and reading on Kindle and iPad.  Then we headed over to a local Mexican restaurant to get a final fix of good Tex-Mex food before going back North.

Tonight we enjoyed a lovely New Year’s Eve meal of homemade Chili Rellenos, black-eyed peas, and fresh salad at Lola’s parents’ home.  I was worried about how we were going to get our traditional good-luck meal of black-eyed peas in with us traveling on New Year’s Day but now I can relax.

We also enjoyed playing with the grandchildren all afternoon and into the evening today.  When the time came for the kiddos to head to bed, it was hard to say goodnight to them, knowing that we’d be slipping out for the airport before they awake tomorrow.


Just pretend you don’t see me, Nana.


I guess they sensed that big things were afoot because little Sweet Pea came sneaking out of the bedroom, making her escape to try to squeeze in just a little more playtime with all of us.

Arranging Nativity

Now look up in the sky, guys.


She decided to rearrange all of the Nativity figures that she could find, setting them up on the roof.  Maybe she thought they’d have a good vantage point for the fireworks that we could hear going off outside the house.

Look at Car

Is this orange car, Papa?


Spud came running down the hall, making his escape, too.  He grabbed the baby buggy and swiped a car or two from the floor and then tried to engage us in a game of “Guess What Color This Car is?”  However, his mommy wasn’t so easily distracted.

Don't Want to Go

But we don’t WANT to go to bed!


After numerous chances for the little ones to head back to bed under their own steam, Mommy had to finally take matters (or should I say, munchkins) into her own hands and carry them off to bed.

Speaking of bed, it’s going to be a very early morning since our flight is EARLY, so I think it is off to bed for us as well.  Happy New Year to all.  May 2013 be a wonderful year full of blessings and wonderment for each of you.



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