Enjoying the View From a Dog Carseat

When Fresca the Wonder Dog was alive, she would ride in the backseat of my car and basically run from side to side as she looked out the window. That was not ideal and probably dangerous for her.  On more than one occasion, I had to make a quick stop and she’d fall off the seat down into the floor space.  She’d also try to come between the front seats to lick my face when I’d be stopped at a red light.  I became quite adept at the one-handed petting/pushing back technique.

Toto in Carseat 2Our little Toto is going to be trained to be a better car passenger.  To that end, I had the Commander install the Snoozer Lookout Car Seat in my van last night so that it would be ready for little Toto today.  We weren’t too sure how the extra strap was to be attached to the seatbelt that is then attached to the dog’s harness.  The Commander put it around the lap portion of the seatbelt but I thought that it was supposed to go around the shoulder portion of the seatbelt and I moved it today when I took Toto to the Pet store for some dog food.  Hmm, I discovered that this was not the way it should go.  Here’s why.   Everything was fine as we were driving along.  She really seemed to enjoy having that extra height to be able to look out the window both to the side and straight ahead.  She looked at me often, as if to say, “Are you SURE I can’t come over and sit on your lap?” but she stayed put.


The problem came when I got to our destination.  I parked the car and went around to the other side to get her out.  By that point, she had panicked, thinking that I was going to leave her (I’ve mentioned, haven’t I, that she is a total Velcro dog?) and managed to jump out of the booster seat and over to the driver’s seat.  The shoulder part of the seatbelt gave enough to let her do that.  Consequently, I’m putting the strap back around the lap portion of the seatbelt which is securing the dog seat to the car’s seat.  It will keep Toto firmly in place yet give her enough room to be able to sit up or lay down.

By the time we were on the road back to the house, she had relaxed enough to lay down in the dog seat and rest her head on the side of the little seat.  She seems to find it comfortable and I’m finding it much easier to drive without the distraction of having to keep pushing her over to her side of the car.  Now, just let me say that to be a totally responsible dog owner, you should probably put the booster seat in the back seat of your car or van to avoid any possible injuries to your pet should you be in an accident and have your airbags deploy.  That’s where Toto will ride on long car rides.

Hi-ho, for the open road!

  • I am so glad you have found a dog who is the right one for you! I had felt quite sad for you that things didn’t work out with Auggie, but Toto looks like a wonderful dog. I have wondered about getting something like this car thingy for Fergus. I will have to check out the pet store and see what they have.

    • booklassie

      Thanks, Kristie. Toto seems to really like this car seat. It lets her sit up high so she can easily see out the window.


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