Endless Pleats and Late Nights

We have been glued to the TV in the evenings ever since the Olympics opened up in Vancouver this past weekend.  On the bright side, this has given me knitting time while I watch the events.  On the down side, I’m staying up much later than I should.

Last night, for example, the Commander finally abandoned ship, er, left the family room before the last four ice skating pairs had skated their routines.  However, my son and I stayed up to watch the battle unfold.  Who would win the gold?  Would this be the year for the Chinese teams?  With all the build-up, we really wanted to find out.  By the time the winners of gold, silver and bronze medals were determined, it was 12:20 a.m. and they hadn’t even had the awards ceremony yet.  We gave up and turned off the telly and headed to our respective beds.  Yawn!

In the meantime, I’m at the last edging of my Mara Shawl.  It’s the final pleat edge and it seems to be taking forever.  Here I am, sitting in front of the TV for hours, and I can only seem to manage about 4 rows at best.  The bug in the ointment is that the darn thing bunches up so much on the needles that I spend a great deal of time pushing and pulling stitches closer to my needle tips, even though I’m using a 40-inch cable.  The pattern calls for a 4-inch pleat and I measured after it seemed like I had knit forever on the edging and discovered I’d only managed to come up with 2 inches.  Ugh!  Back to pulling and pushing.  The only plus side to this project at the moment is that I’m still loving the yarn (Madelinetosh DK) and the color.  I know I will enjoy the shawl, too once it is done.  I just am ready for it to end.

Last night, I actually cast on for a new project just to give myself some variety.  My daughter asked me to knit her a cowl. I whipped out my notebook filled with cowl patterns faster than you could say “knitting” and had her pick out the pattern she wanted me to use.  She wants a close-fitting cowl so she picked out the “Thermis” pattern by Kris Knits.   I cast on in a 50% wool, 50% Alpaca yarn blend but now I’m pretty sure that I’m going to frog that and cast on again with an ivory yarn I bought today called “Sublime Organic Merino Wool DK.”  It’s a soft single that reminds me of Malabrigo.  The wool/alpaca blend was just a little too rough.  I think it might irritate Laura’s neck and we can’t have that.  This cowl is really the first thing she has ever asked me to knit for her.

And what am I doing tonight?  Our son and daughter-in-law are hosting an open house at our home for their prayer supporters of their missionary work.  I’ll be up in my bedroom with the dog, trying to keep her quiet and hopefully, getting some knitting done while I watch, yup….you guessed it…..the Olympics.

  • najjy

    That purple! What a lovely color.

  • sandra

    How did you do the pleated edging?Did you add it afterwards picking up the threads from the side?I can’t understand it.I would appreciate any feedback.Great work by the way

    • booklassie

      Hi Sandra,

      The edging isn’t done by picking up stitches from the sides. You just keep knitting but change up the pattern. It’s really a little too complicated to explain but if you follow the pattern exactly, I think you’ll be fine. You have a set-up section after you’ve gotten your shawl to your desired width across and then, after that set-up section of knitting, you are going to be increasing your stitches (basically doubling them) and then starting a 2-row repeat pattern until you have another 4 inches of pleating done before binding off. The pattern is available up on Ravelry (www.ravelry.com) at this link http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mara-3 and it is a free pattern. Good luck!

      • sandra

        Thanks for the answer.I have the pattern.I think I got it.I was confused because I thought that the shawl was going to be worn on the shoulders the way it is on the needles.Ok!But now I have another question. after I start the edging it says:2 knits,yo, k1p1…,yo,k1,yo, k1p1…..,yo,2knits.And then it says knit the knits and purl the purls so I did the following, 2 knits, k1 (for the yo in the previous line), p1 (for the k1 in the previous line) …k1(for the yo in the previous line) , k1(the central), k1(for the yo in the previous line),p1….k1(for the yo in the previou line, 2 knits.But at the next line I have a problem.I do the 2 knits.I do the yo but then I am obligated to do p1k1 whereas the pattern says k1p1.What am I doing wrong.I know it’s complicated to understand what I did and to explain me what’s right, but if you could help it would be very nice.If not, I understand and I thank you anyway.I’ m from Greece.Greeting from country.

        • booklassie

          I looked at my notes I had scribbled on my copy of the pattern and maybe this will help. For Row 2 of the Edging, I made a note that the k1,p1 that you repeat after the initial k2, YO is not done in the beginning garter stitches or the ending garter stitches or the middle stitch that is within the markers. Actually, the pattern says that but I must have been confused at one point. Then for Row 3, I made a note that the “knit all knits and purl all purls to marker” was only after again you do the initial k2 stitches. You’ll be knitting the YO stitches but when you get to the middle stitch (the one that has the marker on both sides of it, you’ll be purling that stitch, and then continue on, if the stitch was a knit on the right side, it would be a purl on the Row 3 until you get to the last two stitches, which would be knit….oh, dear. I think I’m getting confused now. It’s really been so long since I did this. Let me head to bed and I’ll pull the shawl in the morning and look it over and see if I can make better sense of it for you. By the way, I lived in Greece for 2 years (Nea Makri) and met my husband in Crete and we were married in Nea Makri. Lovely country.

          • sandra

            Oh!What a coincidence!I;m glad you know my country and that you’ve had lovely experiences here.Thanks for the feedback!I’ve undertaken many knit projects.I don’t know why I got so confused.I thought that this shawl would be an easy one!

          • booklassie

            Well, I’m looking at my shawl in the light of day and I can tell that I was a tad confused making it, too. I think what I ended up doing was following the edging directions where I could, just making sure to keep the k2 stitches for the first two stitches and the last two stitches and the yo before the marker and after the marker (I think I actually placed a marker on both sides of that center knit stitch as is fairly standard for a shawl) when you are on the right side. When you are on the wrong side (the Row 3), I still did the k2 for the first two stitches and the last two stitches. I knit the YO stitches and apparently I knit the center knit stitch. Then I fudged it in such a way that it ended up looking like a k1,p1 pattern. Both sides should look like a k1,p1 pattern. So around that center of your shawl, you might have a stitch or two that is out of place from the patterning, but it won’t take you long to get back into the k1,p1 patterning. Hope this helps.

          • sandra

            You were quite helpful!I think I’m going to come to terms with the fact that the points around the centered one are going to be “wrong”!Thanks for the help!Keep knitting!


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