Drab? Forget About It!

Orange Perfection

Orange Perfection

I walked out of the grocery store today and went to my car.  As I was unlocking it to put my groceries inside, a lady walked up to me, looked at my car and said (in rather disdainful tones), “Oh, my…I guess you don’t have any trouble finding your car.”

I laughed and said, “I sure don’t.  Even better, no one ever has any problems seeing me coming either.”

She stared at me and gave a little shake of her head and then replied, “Well, I guess that’s a good thing.”

Fall Beauty

Fall Beauty

I walked away to take my cart to the cart stand and when I turned back, she was standing beside her car, still staring at my little Prius.  I had to laugh.  First of all, I must have been quite a sight to her, wearing a shirt, which looked like Army camo done up in shades of turquoise, chartreuse, and black and topped with a silk-blend sweater in a vibrant turquoise color.  Silk has a way of amplifying color to an almost ethereal extent and my sweater was billowing about me in a haze of glorious color.  My unknown color critic, on the other hand, was wearing a non-descript monochromatic outfit and standing next to her all-black van.

I wanted to say to her, “Honey, life’s too short to be living in a drab world.”  Politeness prevailed and instead, I gave her a cheery wave and pushed my Prius start button and zipped away in all my glorious “orangeness.”

Speaking of color, I discovered this neat little test thanks to some friends on Facebook the other day.  It will test how well you see color in a fun way and give you a numerical score.  My friends were posting their scores online.   When I took the test and didn’t receive any score, I was quite disappointed until I read the onscreen message and realized it was telling me that I had scored “0” because I had perfect color vision and had nothing wrong.  Wow.  And THAT is why I should always be the one to choose the colors when we do any painting, my dear Commander.

Here’s the website.  Check it out and see how you score:  http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-well-do-you-see-color-173018



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