Down By the Water

Yesterday my sister-in-law and I drove over to Kemah and walked along the Boardwalk, enjoying the water and the boats heading out to the Gulf.  Boy, was it humid and hot!  To escape the heat, we decided to head over to the ferris wheel and take a quick ride.

At least it gave us a little respite from the heat and a bit of a breeze while we enjoyed the view of Kemah and the great old wooden rollercoaster.  Unfortunately, all too soon we were back on the ground and sweltering.

We tried to find a little shade in the arms of this friendly little fish but when he bared his teeth in a grin….(gulp), we decided it was time to head on to other spots.

That other spot was T-Bone Tom’s, a great BBQ place.  I had the BBQ Beef sandwich, which was wonderful.  Rose had gulf shrimp and she said that they were fantastic.  I think I’ll try to swing by here with the Commander so that he can also enjoy it.  Apparently, T-Bone Tom’s has been featured on “Drive-ins, Diners, and Dives.”  I can understand why.

After our morning at Kemah, we headed over to see Jason, Laura, Mika and her other set of grandparents.  After a delicious dinner of chicken enchiladas, we all trooped over to a local park and watched some of the family play a doubles tennis match.  Mika was certainly interested in what her mommy and daddy were doing.  Could we have a future line referee here?

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