Don’t Read the Fine Print!

I got a refill in the mail recently of some medicine that I take to help prevent migraines.  It is actually an anti-epileptic drug but it has been successful in preventing the classic migraines that I tend to get.  I take it every day and it has been a godsend.  Up until now, I’ve never actually read the literature that my prescription company sends in the package.  That stuff is always so alarmist, don’t you think?  But the other day, I happened to skim over the possible side effects and ……oh, my!
“Hey, Honey,” I said to the Commander who was happily playing “Welder” on the iPad.  “This medicine can make me depressed.  Have I seemed any more depressed than usual?”
He made no comment.  
“Whoa, listen to this.  It can give me worse anxiety.  That’s not good.  I’m already one of the most anxious people I know.  And, oh my gosh, it can give you panic attacks, Honey!”, I squeaked.  
I hyperventilated over that for a few minutes but then remembered that I’m on an anti-anxiety drug.  
“Hey, don’t worry, Honey,” I called over to him.  “I think that other stuff will cancel this stuff out.”
“Oh, oh…..this stuff can make me act on dangerous impulses,” I continued.  “Do you think I’ve been acting unusually impulsive?”
“Dee,” he replied.  “You always act impulsively.  You’ve been that way ever since I met you.  Don’t worry about it.”
“Hey,” I yelled over at him.  “Listen to this.  It says it can make me act aggressive, angry or violent AND it can give me worse irritability.  Have I been acting irritable lately?  (no response)   Don’t make me come over there!  Have I?”
The Commander looked calmly over my way.  “Put the sheet down, Honey.  Just stop reading it,” he said.
He was right.  I decided it was much better to be an irritable, aggressive, impulsive person that to have to worry about getting a migraine any time of the day or night.  So today I impulsively decided to try a new recipe for Split Pea Soup in the new crock pot.  Soup is always a nice comfort food.  Besides, I ate up all the cake in the house.  Wouldn’t you know, the Commander just texted me to say he’d be working late and to go ahead and eat without him.  Seriously?  A whole crockpot of split pea soup?  Well, rather than get my knickers in a knot, I think I’ll just help myself to a nice bowl of soup, put my feet up and settle back with a good book.  Now THAT is the best kind of medicine!

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