Do I LOOK Like an Idiot?

These are....hmmm, wait for it!

These are….hmmm, wait for it!

Do I look like an idiot or just resemble one?  Honestly, it’s been an unusual day.  This morning I went to the drugstore and picked up a few things, among them, these hair clips.



I took everything over to the counter and plopped them down near the register to wait for the young clerk to ring me up.  I even had my rewards card ready so she didn’t have to ask me for it.

And they do?

And they do?

When she finished ringing me up, I paid and she folded up the receipt but first she looked it over and said to me, “Oh, you get three dollars off your next purchase because you bought the hair clips.  Do you know what hair clips are?”

Bah!  Crazy contraption!

Bah! Crazy contraption!

I just stared at her because I couldn’t believe she was asking me that.  What grown woman WOULDN’T know what a hair clip was?  Then it registered that she was seriously waiting for a response and seemed to be prepared to explain the mysteries of hair clips to me if I was, indeed, ignorant of such a thing.

“Um, yes,” I told her.

Ah, yes!

Ah, yes!

I grabbed my items and walked out, shaking my head.  Maybe I should just make up a little nametag that says, “Idiot!  Fresh off the boat.  Doesn’t know a hair clip from a bandaid.”  Holy Moly!



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